I wanted to start this thread for those of you who would like to post a birthday message to Michael.  Most know but for those who don't, Michael's birthday is February 26th.  I have posted info on another thread for those who want to send a physical card but for those who would like to post your message here I will send the link to Michael on his birthday so as he has time he can read all of your wishes for him.  Just to be clear, these are birthday wishes...anything vulgar, rude or out of line will be deleted. Any questions, let me know.  Gail

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Thanks a million Gail for starting thread, thanks !!! :)  Now to get thinking cap on !!!! lol

Sylvia   YWSF  27

Thanks Gail for doing this again!  Will do!

Robin in MD :)

Thank you Gail , will do that :)

Thank you very much dear Gail

Thanks Gail. Like Syvia said, lets me get my thinking cap on too. Lol. Hey Sylvia. Much love.


Being on the 'Right Side of the Grass"..

Hey  Michael, by the time you're able to read this Birthday Hello, I would have seen your show at the Jersey NJPAC !! 2/17..

Row F Orchestra seat # 115...

Very excited..I hope this is now the right forum so you will get to read this message..

Being in Medicine, many do not have the privilege to reach a certain age..I am a strong proponent of believing in its' one's

condition rather than any # !!!

  So Celebrate the fact that you're around and on the right side of the grass for another year :)

Because I am certain that all who know you or heard your voice + music celebrate!



Wow, 64, huh.

You're getting old!


Thank you Gail for doing this again! I shall be posting my message a bit nearer the time!!

Sandra UK

Thank U Gail for pointing me in the right direction:)



Dear Michael.

One of the best things in the world that I know is you celebrate your birthday.

Good luck, health, amazing songs, true friends and unique love.

with love Marie

Happy Birthday to Michael. Hope you have a great relaxing day and please come back to Sheffield (uk)  soon! I know you only came last year but, we can't wait to see you again!!! Hugs and kisses!! Stephaniexx

Dear Michael,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! May this year be your best yet filled with good health, a fantastic tour, and some quality time spent with your family!

Anna (in MO)


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