I wanted to start this thread for those of you who would like to post a birthday message to Michael.  Michael's birthday is February 26th.  I know Sally has set up a new way to give messages to Michael this year since it is a special birthday (65th) but for those who aren't able to participate or would rather leave a message here, please do so and I'll forward the link on to him for his birthday.  

Just to be clear, these are birthday wishes...anything vulgar, rude or out of line will be deleted. Any questions, let me know. Gail

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Happy Birthday Michael - and everyone celebrating him, too: have a great day filled with lots of fabulous music and cherished memories.

Greetings from Germany,


Hello MB,

happy Birthday, good luck, health and love for you and all your loved ones .......

"Music is the language of the spirit, it opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife.”  (Khalil Gibran)


Have a great day

From Germany

Wishing you a very Happy 65th Birthday Michael.

I hope you enjoy your special day.

Good health and happiness for the year ahead. Take care.

Lots of Love
Debra (U.K)

Hope you are having a brilliant birthday, Michael.  Kick back and enjoy it, you deserve it.  Much love from the south east of England.

Margaret in Kent

OMG, so much love and Birthday wishes....And cake, love cake.

You're one lucky singer.  Happy Birthday again.

Peace, Love and Lots of Happiness.

Best regards, Usha, Mississauga, Ontario Canada,

Placing following  links on here as have been advised by some, who have left birthday messages for Michael on the posts on FB, they were unable to either, enter the website, or,  when they tried to add their comment they got up an error message so felt only fair to bring these over so if Michael wishes to read the "extra" birthday greetings sent to him he can.  Have explained to Gail reason for placing on here.




Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks everyone! I have now passed on this link so Michael can read all of your wishes.

Dear Gail,

great thanks  for Your work.


Thanks Gail for sending our messages on to that very special babe, Michael Bolton. :)

Thanks for doing this Gail!!

Robin in MD :)

Thank you Gail. Enjoying a glass of wine, cheers to you and the Birthday Boy.  Best regards, Usha 

Happy 65th Birthday MB and I wish you a grand year !! ☺




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