hey everyone mags here i have just noticed and saw michaels new cd there gems ive not heard any of the songs yet but would mayb decide to buy the new album the track listings songs look good tho just to let yous all kno i have got five of michaels cd albums so far i have got  MICHAELS GREATEST HITS, THE HUNGER, THE ONE THING, ONE WORLD ONE LOVE, AND ONLY A WOMAN LIKE YOU there are quite a few or most of my fave songs out of all michaels cds i have got i kno most of the words to some of the songs as well i still listen to them all michael is so great he has got an amazing voice when he sings some of the songs have me in tears too im enjoying listening to my michael cds they are brill im so happy and excited for them all hope to hear from someone soon or even michael himself would like an autograph signed here from him on my page or profile :-)  love mags x

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Hi Mags,


How are you - okay I hope ?? :)   Glad to hear you are still enjoying listening to Michael !! :)


I have put in a link above for you from YouTube that shows Michael and Seal singing "When A Man Loves A Woman" and this is going to be one of the songs on "Gems" - may not be this live version but we will wait and see what it is like but you listen to it - think you will love it !! :)

Mags, why don't you come over to the thread that is in the Music Section and it is called "Working On The New CD" and it contains everything we know about the CD "Gems - The Duet Collection" and join us there in our discussions about the new CD - eh, why don't you come on over and join us - come on over Mags !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



hi yea there are lots of threads or discussions to go on i never kno which one to come to but il be there soon did you ans my other last message on this one? youl prob see it at the bottom of the page i also noticed many of your other comments on other threads too about michaels concerts and all ive never ever been to any of his concerts at all never ever got to meet and greet him either tho

You never know Mags maybe on this new World Tour he will include Ireland and get to Belfast - just keep hoping !! :)    Hope too you did like the link with Michael and Seal ?? :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Have a look at Michael album 'All that matters'. Its is a beautiful album and one that is often overlooked by the critics.


There are some amazingly deep meaningful emotive songs on it including .Go the distance, Safe place from the storm, Whenever I remember loving you, Falling plus many more. You will seriously love this album...I give you my personal guarantee. It's been in my car stereo for months and I'll never tire of it.


Have a look here. you can hear samples of each track.



Love Jennifer XX

hi yea i did see the video link you posted me its reali good i can onli get online when i can as ive not been too well lately had been sick for a long time so other than that am not too bad love mags x


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