After I wrote my lame excuse for a Haiku (oddly enough, I can write other poetic forms with a lot of passion, but Haiku is the one poetic form I have a hard time with passion wise...practice as they say), I went looking thru old poems I wrote and I came across this one.  It was a fun one I wrote about Michael, but you could apply it to any singer or musician that you enjoy.


Recipe for a Soul Provider

By: Audrey "The Quiet One" Clark

2 cups of Time

1 tablespoon of Love

A Sprinkle of Tenderness

Mix with a hint of passion

Store in CD for safe keeping.



aka the quiet one.





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Hi Audrey,


Like it very much - darn good recipe ......hope you don't mind me putting in one I wrote a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago !!!



You give me

In the arms of love

Every night

More than words can say

A haven

Of peace and tranquility

A harbour of strength

Against all the lies

That tell me

Your love

Cannot last

Or be real

But imagined

In my dreams

As some fantasy

That wakes my heart

To love

As never before

With such strength

And passion

That all the troubled waters

Are calmed and beautiful

As they

Ripple to shore

And my heart

In the dawn breaks

Once more

As you leave

Through that

Very, special



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

    Thank you for that poem.  It was very beautiful.




Hi Audrey,


Thanks for your comment.................just wish some others would come in and add too, whether with own poems or with ones they like that could apply in some way to Michael ......I love poetry - writing and reading.    I thank you, in any case, for putting the thread in - a damn good idea !!!!!!!  :D.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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