Today I'm remembering Michael's concert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on 9/11/2001. I live in Austin, almost 200 miles away, and had a ticket to see him perform with the symphony. When I saw the news I assumed it would be cancelled; when I heard it was still on I was hesitant to go so far away from my home and family. I'm glad I decided to -- enjoying the music helped me momentarily forget the horrors of that day. Afterwards when he was leaving the venue, Michael stopped his limo, rolled down his window, and spoke with the few of us who were still there.


Jen Swan

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Hey Jen,

To me music is a healing power...I hope it helped you through all of the depression, of that aweful day!

Michael wouldn't let his Fans down...I'm glad you got to go!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Hi Jen, I remember MB was in TX when 9/11 happened and he continued on. We saw him not long after that on the same tour and how patriotic it was and emotional and we all needed his music and the concerts in so many ways and MB was determined to continue on........thanks for posting, I sure remember!!!!!


Robin in Maryland :)


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