Last night was amazing as always, I have seen Micheal 10 times or more and loved every one, but last night I took my mum for the first time, who has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia, she absolutely loved it, cried throughout Nessun Dorma, it certainly created a wonderful memory for me and her that I will treasure forever...Thank you Michael, awesome as always xx

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WELCOME to the forum Cheryl !!! :)

So, so glad you had a wonderful concert and that your mum enjoyed it also !!! :)   I was at it too and it was terrific for audience were great and Michael fed off of that fact right from very moment he walked on stage.  Nessun Dorma was to die for and he sang that with every ounce of his being ....oh, his performance last night was magnificent and I was so, so happy I got chance to tell him so at his car as he was leaving.

Hope you and your mum stay on cloud 9 for a long, long time to come and hope too, if and when, Michael returns to these shores you and your mum get chance to create more memorable memories together to cherish forever.

Take care Cheryl and thanks for coming in and letting us know what concert meant to you....thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thank you Sylvia, and for your email...really jealous of you seeing Micheal as he left...and yes definitely hope to see him again next time, if not in Southend then definitely London, it's just nice to have in on my doorstep..
Thanks again x


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