I'm sure I should have put this over in with the Charity News, but I thought maybe it would be more visible here?

I'm a huge Amazon shopper and use the Amazon Smile. But I just realized that the Michael Bolton Charities participates in the program. I never thought to look until now. I guess I assumed it was organizations like Red Cross  which I had as my charity.

The bad news is that we are all done our Christmas shopping. But the good news is that we have the year ahead of us. It's only .5% of your purchase, but if everyone can participate, I would imagine it could be something substantial in the long run.



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Sally, Thanks for this info! I use Amazon all the time and never heard about this. I just happen to check in here, but I do have to place a large order today on Amazon so I will sign up for this :)



I use Amazon a lot! Thanks for joining.

I signed up, no problem:

Yes. Double check the top of the page and it should say MBCharites and the item will tell you if it's Smile eligible. I have to remember to check, because my APs and bookmarks take me to the regular page. I believe it's just the States now. I know Gail talked to MBC and they were making sure it was set up for them. It would be nice if they could work on other Countries to donate.

Been a bit but I wanted to let you know that Michael has now put the info about amazonsmile on facebook and his website so whenever you shop amazon.com please go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/06-1367576 and sign up so a percent of what you purchase goes to MBC!  Thanks!  Gail

I have been using it. Cool idea. Thanks Gail.

Robin in MD :)

Just to say it is still only for the American Site, it is not global.  I was taken into American site again and I checked UK site and still not recognized.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Gail, I signed up a few months back. I have been using it. What I did was "Bookmark" your link, I go there first when I go to Amazon to shop so I don't forget to sign in with "Smile" 

Joy ;)


Try Discogs!!


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