Special Event Celebrating Orrin Bolton's New Album!!!

You can help support Orrin, MIchael's brother, by attending this event which celebrates the release of his long-awaited CD "Liv'n Like A Man." Orrin and some very select musicians will perform songs from the new album. This will be his first performance in a long time...and, his only performance in the Northeast. The event will take place at Daniel Street Club on December 29th beginning at 7 p.m. It's an early evening show, so you can enjoy dinner (special ticket offer) across the street at Stonebridge before attending the show. For more info, click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.







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Hey Cynthia, Oh I’m sure you’ll like Orrin’s CD: if you enjoy substancial heartfelt lyrics set to music that feels like your favorite old 70’s flannel shirt and presented in a rich bluesy tone, you can’t go wrong!  Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hey Gail, If you're going can you post like 50 million photo's? I really want to see him live coz I am always playing Freedom - lion knows the waterhole and all that. I love the reggae undertones and the 'white man' intro to 'She Don't Let Nobody'. Well up for my new disc arriving.
I've only heard and seen Orrin sing once, and that was either with or after Michael, on Oprah several years back. They don't seem to have any Orrin Bolton Cds in our malls record stores, or places like Walmart and Target. That's a shame. I wouldn't know where to find one if I tried. Has he ever recorded, sung any songs w/ Michael? Have they ever recorded an album together?

The best of luck with your cd, Orrin

Hi Mary Lynn, you can find all of Orrin’s CD’s at www.orrinbolton.com. The song he sang on Oprah “Please come home” is on his “Freedom” album and was written by Michael. The only songs they’ve actually recorded together were with Michael’s band Joy as teens. Good luck finding those! There were two 45 singles and a few songs from an obscure 1971 movie called “November children”, later renamed “Nightmare County”. I would love to hear Michael and Orrin do a duet and I’ve told Orrin several times. He told me once that if they found the right song, it would be great fun to perform/record. Guess that hasn’t happened yet. Although, personally, I think they both missed a couple of opportunities on both the reggae version of “Said I loved you…” and “Ready for you” but that’s just my opinion… :D Hope that answers your question Mary Lynn! If you’d like you can write to Orrin at rocknhood@aol.com. Yes, I’m a big fan of his too. :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Am I going nuts here but where did you hear a reggae version of SILYBIL and Ready for you?

I am going nuts arent I?

Love Jennifer XX
jen michaels reggae version of silybil is on till the end of forever cd .but ive not heard a reggae version of ready for you
Hi Sylvie...I was actually lucky enough to find and buy his first 45 single.....Bah Bah Bah. I even got him to sign it at his after party when he got his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Boy was that exciting :) I remember when Orrin sang on the Oprah show. I thought he did a great job and loved his song and voice!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hi Kathy, Oh I know that some fans have found the 45 of "Bah bah bah", I own it myself! However, it took 3 years of checking on EBay, that's all I'm saying. From what I've heard, Jennifer even found 2 copies in the last year, go figure... Well lucky you having it signed Kathy, you always seem to end up in the right place at the right time, what do you use as a lucky charm? lol Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Sylvie....Cheers to Bah Bah Bah....isn't that too funny!!! My husband and I decided on a lark to stop at a used record shop in our neighborhood that we have never been into before although we have lived here for over 30 years. And wouldn't you know it?....we dig through stacks and stacks of records and we find Michael's!!! I haven't been back since :) Heck since Jennifer has found 2 maybe I should keep looking....hahaha All of my Bolton stories happen this way :) So anytime I get a feeling about our dear Michael, I make sure I act on it.....appropriately of course....LOL I always thank my "angels" for helping me out ;)

My dear mom, who passed away in February (and I miss dearly) is French Canadian :) Her dad is French and her mom is Scottish and they met and married in Toronto Canada where my mom was born. Reading about you heritage reminds me of my mom :)

Well.....cheers to Bah Bah Bah!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hey Kathy, thanks for your response. Well obviously something’s working for you!  What are the odds you’d find “Bah bah bah” close to home? Oh I love old record shops. I told the owner of a local store I’d harass him for a job if I could see! Lol He’s the kind of guy who’s knowledgeable about music and he’s a lot of fun to talk to. Oh I’m sorry to hear about your mom… I’ve lost both my parents at an early age. OMG, did your mom speak French? I don’t know of a lot of francophones in Ontario. My entire family is Quebec bred, except my grandma was born in NY state. Well, nice talking to you Kathy, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Slyvie.....no my mom didn't speak French but her dad did. His mom (my great-grandma was from Quebec). She married an Englishman in Quebec and they moved to Toronto where my mom was born. I heard something about Canada changing it's immigration law and that if one of your parents was born in Canada, then you have Canadian citizenship also. if that is the case them I could be called a Canadian!!! LOL

Sorry to hear that your parents passed at an early age. My mom lost her dad when she was only 11 and her mom gave birth to her youngest brother one month after her dad passed. So I know early losses are quite difficult. Fortunately we have Michael to divert our attention from difficult times!!!!

Take care,
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hi Gail,
Thanks for letting us all know, I have the Freedom CD and looking forward to hearing more of Orrin's music.



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