Visiting the Bournemouth International Centre for my 6th Michael Bolton concert, I knew I was going to be in for a great night and I was not disappointed.

There's been a lot of talk around the structure of the shows with the band and Sam Fly being given more time than before to showcase their talents. I witnessed an older artist at the BIC a few years ago playing for only 45 minutes (less time than the support act) and was very disappointed. The fact is, if Michael pleased everybody and played every song, he'd need a concert of over 10 hours. To do what he does at the age of 63 is truly amazing. He still has the voice, the stage presence and genuine fun to keep majority of the fans happy. He comes as a package with his band. JP Delaire's sax playing was brilliant alongside Sam Fly's fantastic duets and solos of Missing You Now and When I'm Back On My Feet Again. Maybe Michael will include a medley of some of his greatest hits on a future tour but as a time filler, I thought Sam did a great job. I'd rather see Michael perform 14 songs brilliantly and leave us wanting more than push himself too far and struggle through 20+ songs of less than top quality.

Back to last night and Michael was on top form combining his greatest hits with songs from Timeless, the classics, Vintage, Swings Sinatra and Gems as well as the brilliant Sweet Home Chicago. The duet version of How Am I Supposed To Live Without You was superb as well as finishing the show with the fantastic Steel Bars.

I was also lucky enough to be next to Michael when he appeared in the audience to sing When A Man Loves A Woman and he shook my hand on the way back to the stage. We all hate to see our idols growing older but for me, Michael was just as good as when I saw him in my first concert back in 2007. Gabrielle was a fantastic support act and Michael came and gave the fans what we want. A chance to relive and enjoy the amazing songs that are the soundtrack to our lives and he is still one of the best in the business. Good luck for the rest of the tour Michael and hopefully see you over here again soon.

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Hi Rob, Welcome and thanks for posting. Can you possibly move your review to our thread for Concert Reviews here? We have a thread that is dedicated to this so we don't have to jump around finding reviews. Thanks a bunch.

Robin in MD USA :)

Posted in both now Robin, thanks

Thanks Rob for posting it over there also. It will get more views that way!

Robin in MD USA :)

I was there too. great show!


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