Have yet to see a posting from administration about the birth of Taryn's precious little bundle. Let's all pray for the family and hope she has a safe delivery.....Isa and Holly must be excited too.Great girls that have all grown up to be beautiful young ladies.I so excited for their mother Maureen as well as Mike and Helen and the entire family.

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Pamela .Amelia was born on Wed 12 Nov .Taryn and the rest of the family are doing fine .There was a post in the news section.xx
Pamela, the baby and Taryn are fine. Ameila Rose was born on October 12th. The aunts are more than excited and so is the grandfather. Here is is post on the main part of the site:

Yes, Amelia Rose, isnt that a beautiful name. She was 7lb 10oz with light brown hair and blue eyes.

I dont know if its just me, but she looks like a lot like Robbie.

Michael has posted on the front page about his beautiful new Grandaughter and about how proud he is. Michael has also said that he cant get used to be called a Grandpa just yet.

Love Jennifer XX
Where is the picture of the new baby? I have missed it.
This is a good time for me to ask this of you guys. Some of you are friends of Michael's daughters on facebook and some are friends of friends and have seen pictures of Amelia. I want to ask that none of you post those pictures to this forum or any other place on the open web. Those were pictures being shared by the girls with their friends/family. From what I'm told there will be a time when Taryn and her dad will post a picture here for his fans to see but that is their decision not ours. Taryn is at home now and doing fine...just tired with a beautiful baby girl to take care of. They have all asked me to tell you how much they appreciate your support. Gail
Wouldnt dream of it Gail.They have been good enough to share it with us that are friends .Im sorry for those who who havent seen the photos but as you said there will be a time when they choose to share it with everyone but i agree totally it is their decision not ours.xx
Totally agree too Gail, I respect their privacy and I'm sure if the family want to share any details or photos they will when the time is right for them.

Love Deb xx
Thanks Gail,
I knew Michael did not show a picture or even mention the birth at the Tunica concert. We gathered that he is very private as well as wanting her to be safe. I just noticed several comments about how pretty she is and I knew I had not seen a picture. I know my daughter is very careful about the pictures she posts on facebook of my granddaughter and they are not famous. So I can only imagine.
Gail .Would never think of doing that !!!! It is so special that they just share them with us! Like Sharon said its up to them to share pictures not ours!!

Love Eileenxoxo
Thanks Gail, No problem!!!
Robin :)
Absolutely Gail, it goes without saying and I wouldnt dream of it.

As you so rightly say, Taryn and Rob will release a photo when they are ready.

Love Jennifer XXX
Thanks for the info gang. I missed it. I have been sick this past week and heads been in a fog lol.So happy for the family.Ameila is a old name , love it.So happy for Taryn and Rob.They're truly blessed with a beautiful little angel.Mike she's a gorgeous little lady, OH I know you can't help but spoil her,lol.Love ya babe.,,,,,Your Soul Provider...Always


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