Fantastic concert,shame about the staff.Michael was brilliant as usual but security need to sort themselves out.This was the fourth time to see Michael here but I won"t be going to this venue again.We always follow him to the front after WAMLAW ,so I got to the front but this guy came and told me to move so I said no, Michael likes us to get up.He then pushed me, and when I wouldnt move I said why could other people stand,he said they had front row tickets.A security woman arrived then and she pushed me too then threatened me with being removed from the building.I had enough by then so moved to the aisle and a big security guy came and stood in front of us blocking some of our view.I think Michael could see what was going on.It was disgusting ,either you let people get up or don,t allow anyone at all, when veues have inconsistent policies we dont know where we are. I know I wasn't the only person to have a problem as some other fans came up to me and said they were not happy with the way they were treated. It was lovely to see Antonia and her mum and some other friends.

Anyway it was lovely to see Michael again and thankyou for coming over to the U.K. and making your old fans happy and some new ones too. Looking forward to your next visit.

Merry Christmas

Olly xx

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Have to agree with you about the security issue. Michael was fantastic, encouraged the fans to join in and enjoy themselves. When the all the fans stood up it made my day as the security were blown out of the water. I had taken my friend for a 50th birthday prezzie which she thoroughly enjoyed and wants to buy tickets for any future concerts as soon as they are on sale.
Absolutely fantastic, look forward to seeing Michael again. So talented.
Merry Christmas to Michael, his family and staff.

Alison and Carol xx
cant understand the issue with not allowing us to the stage last night this venue hosts standing concerts as well seated ones i was seated near the front of the venue and witnessed the security issues been to this venue before but never known this to happen
pauline where were you sat last night i think you were sat in front of me looking at your photograph i was in row g on seat 12
no we didnt chat pauline but you were really enjoying yourself so was i he just gets better doesnt he as for the security this is the first time i have seen this ihave been to the venue several times although i have never really been near enough to the front to be able to get to the stage before so was disappointed to not be able to get to the stage .as has been mentioned maybe it was as michaels request but the behaviour of security was not acceptable well at least if i see you again at a concert i can say hello to you
Some of the girls who were there last at Manchester have suggested that the 'no going to the front' may have possibly been at Michaels request due to his latest bout of illness.

When fans go to the front he is more at risk of picking up all kinds of germs etc from touching and shaking of hands and people coughing over him etc. You can never tell how clean people are and what their hygene habits are can you and it is just too risky seeing as he had just been poorly and his immune system might be compromised right now. He probably doesnt want to risk having to cancel any further concerts. I wouldnt blame him if he did request this.

However, none of this, excuses the obvious boorish behaviour of the security 'jobs worth' staff. Wow!! Physically pushing you is actually a form of assualt. I cant believe they would act so rudely towards you. If that happened out on the street the ywould be arrested!!!

I know we all get a bit carried away when wer'e at Michaels concerts and it must have been a bit of a surprise not to be allowed to the front, but to actually to be pushed by two different security staff is appauling behaviour on their part!!

I thoroughly recommend that you complain and give as detailed descriptions of these two 'thugs' as you can to the venue management. Crikey, if they treated me like that I would have wrappped my wheelchair round their necks!!

I'm sorry that you were treated like this, but hope it didnt spoil your experience at all. Some people can be complete and utter 'A*ses cant they?

Love Jennifer XX
You must have been really close to me, The security girl there is a pain, I think the bloke would have let us through, but she was barking commands at him not to let us go, any further. She's worked there many years and always likes to throw her weight around. Even from the stage Michael look bemused by it all, so I'm not sure it was at his request.

That same venue tonight has Status Quo, all standing downstairs, they will be packed in like sardines, but a few fans wanting to go down to the front for the last 10 minutes of Michaels show, were not allowed to.

I was on the second row aisle seat, and couldn't even step two feet to the front, anyhow I managed to squeeze another fan back into my row, and the people on the front row stayed sat down???, only 3 girls got up. Girls, please don't take your partners if they are going to sit on the front row looking bored all night, one bloke I saw on the front row was almost asleep. I'm sure it must put Michael off!! LOL

Mandy xx
How you lot doing!?? Good to see fellow Manchester show fans here.
Thought the show was superb.. HOWEVER!!?? Why no songs off One World, One Love? Why only the one song?
I never thought I'd say this but it wasn't as good as I was hoping? I expected a lot more.
Just like November 08! Rocking opening track (sign your name), everyone jumping up, bouncing and getting as close as they could to the stage... The security issue mentioned above was all too real. I saw the big bruiser in the blue T Shirt giving like she was a tank... Anyway!? Moving on...

Why choose to do 3 Sinatra songs? And Just 1 lousy song from your superb new album?! I was half expecting you to end on the highest note like you did at the RAH last year! End the night with One Love!!???!?!

Having said all that, the show was very impressive vocally, musically and the new sax player! Amazing.

Credit goes to Mica Paris also who went beyond all expectations! I wasn't expecting her as a support (never even knew she was on the rosta). She was superb in every way. And I knew 2 of her songs so well!! HAHA.
Take care people. Till next time?
Hi Olly

Great to see you & your family also - keep me up to date on your next venue & I'll look out for you there !

As usual, an excellent show from Michael - see you & the band on the road again soon

"10" !!!

hi olly we had front row seats to but they made us sit in the third row. there was a lady in front of us who was pushed by the security people and she nearly fell over she was upset and crying so i pushed the security woman away from her. mind u i did tell the security guy that if he pushed me like he thretend to i would have him arrested he did not want to push his luck with me. it ruined the concert. after traveling from london i was right fedup. also I WONT GO TO A CONCERT THERE AGAIN. JOXXXXXXXXXXXX
hi all
i was at the manchester concert last night and i was already warned by a very good friend about the security there and i know she will not go back there ,i am 100% sure this had nothing to do with michael as michael encourages everyone one to the stage and i think he hates this as much as the fans michael still did manage to hold peoples hands last night with a few that slipped through the net of the security ,i must admit this is my first time there and i didnt like the security once you go into the venue you were not even allowed to go back outside untill the interval before michael comes on ,very strange never had this at any venue ive been to before and ive been to a few .so be assured it was not michael x
Hi, I was at Manchester Apollo. Michael was amazing, but you could see he hadn't completely recovered after being ill.

With regard to the security staff - they ruined the whole concert experience. Their bullying and aggresive attitude towards me and other fans was totally inappropriate. I've been to many different venues to see Michael and have never been treated with such lack of respect. At the end of the day fans go to enjoy themselves not to be verbally abused!!

Hi All
The security staff at Manchester were totally rude, never experienced or seen anything like it before. But having said that, I have seen Michael here once before and there were no problems getting up to the stage on that occasion. Dont know why this happened this time, unless their rules have changed since the last time i went to the Apollo. A few people were allowed down to hand Michael flowers, but only two that i saw.
It was such a shame to end the tour on this note - im sure Michael would have loved everyone up singing and dancing.
I was one of the lucky 3 women to be up at the front of the stage having luckily bought front row tickets. The "lady" security even moved me, telling me not to stand in front of someones seat - that i had to move and only stand in front of my seat (not my fault if the old geezer wanted to sit down to watch Michael).
It was really off putting, and spoilt the whole atmosphere down the front, not to have everyone there - im sure Michael must have felt it too. Im sure thats why Michael didnt sing Hallelujah at the end - wanted to hear it sooo much.
Still loved your performance Michael but may decide not to come to Manchester next time. Clare UK X


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