Fantastic concert,shame about the staff.Michael was brilliant as usual but security need to sort themselves out.This was the fourth time to see Michael here but I won"t be going to this venue again.We always follow him to the front after WAMLAW ,so I got to the front but this guy came and told me to move so I said no, Michael likes us to get up.He then pushed me, and when I wouldnt move I said why could other people stand,he said they had front row tickets.A security woman arrived then and she pushed me too then threatened me with being removed from the building.I had enough by then so moved to the aisle and a big security guy came and stood in front of us blocking some of our view.I think Michael could see what was going on.It was disgusting ,either you let people get up or don,t allow anyone at all, when veues have inconsistent policies we dont know where we are. I know I wasn't the only person to have a problem as some other fans came up to me and said they were not happy with the way they were treated. It was lovely to see Antonia and her mum and some other friends.

Anyway it was lovely to see Michael again and thankyou for coming over to the U.K. and making your old fans happy and some new ones too. Looking forward to your next visit.

Merry Christmas

Olly xx

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Oh, Manchester was cold, I froze in the queue, and the inside of the Apollo was not much better. All around me, people had their coats on, some for the whole performance. I was determined not to sit muffled up but must admit, I was shivering and shaking during Mica Paris. She did her best, poor love, to warm us up, in all ways, and she pretty much succeeded. Lovely, down-to-earth lady, made us laugh.

Michael was amazing, considering he appeared less than well; he took a drink during songs on several occasions, but still performed brilliantly, the voice filling what is quite a small arena. There was a good rapport with the audience, even though most of the time he could not understand what was being shouted back to him. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, just about a metre from the curving edge of the stage. Michael did seem to stay further back than usual this time around. During WAMLAW in the crowd, the two ladies either side of me, and myself, stepped forward to the front of the stage. It was only after his return to the stage that I realised that Security was holding people back in the two aisles, so that they were unable to join us. We spent the rest of the concert standing there on our own, no-one bothered us, though I expected any minute to be told to sit down. Michael didn't come along the front of the stage at all, but when he moved to our right, I knew we needed to attract his attention, if we were to be able to give him our gifts - I think if we had moved towards him, then Security could have stepped in. So the lady next to me and I waved madly at him, and he came over. He looked puzzled at my offering, then I saw light dawn in his eyes, and he grinned. I had knitted a pink baby cardigan for Millie. He finished the line of the song, then turned and came back to me, winking and mouthing a ThankYou. Another of those Magic Michael Moments. Worth the long trip up from Kent.
I can't really comment about the harsh Security, as it did not affect me (although I too had had prior warning about them). The space at the front was very tight between the stage and the seats, and too many people crushed in that area might have been dangerous. It did rather ruin the atmosphere, not having others around us, but it was nice not to get squashed and stood on, as I've experienced in the past.
I did see one thing that I feel was unacceptable behaviour, and not by Security. A fan was allowed forward with a bouquet, which Michael accepted, then reached out to shake her hand, She held on, and nearly tugged him off the stage. Security intervened, which is exactly what they should have done. Such behaviour must make him loathe to greet fans, and pushing and shoving puts everyone at risk. Michael deserves our respect, because he is very gracious to us, and I feel it is inconsiderate and thoughtless to act in such a way. I understand the emotion of the moment, but keep your dignity, ladies, or you will ruin things for everyone. Perhaps it was because we were non-threatening that Security allowed us to stay there, I don't know, but I do feel very privileged to have been allowed to do so.
So Michael moves on to Germany, and my good wishes for a safe journey across Europe, and then home, go with him. Let's hope he comes back to England next year - but please - in the summer!
Margaret in Kent.
Yes Margaret I saw this too and I for one would never invade Michaels personal space.
Even when he did come and stand right in front of us, right over us i felt "too" close to Michael and actually backed off.
I wish everyone else was more considerate, instead of grabbing him.
I would never consider behaving this way, and would never wish for Michael to remember me for doing that.

Clare x
Joan, why did they make you sit in the 3rd row if you had front row seats?. Thats awful

Oh and Margaret and Claire, you looked like you were having a great time at the front of stage, we were all so desperate to join you and the beautiful matinee coat and soft toy you gave to Michael made us all say 'awww'.

As for that woman who security let go to the stage to hand Michael a huge bouquet, she should be ashamed of herself. Why would anyone want to pull him like that. It makes me so angry.

Mandy xx
Hi Clare

Over the years, I have had more than my fair share of teasing about being a Michael fan; the image of knicker-tossing ladies of a "certain age" desperately throwing themselves at him seems to be a prevalent one. I've always staunchly defended myself and the other British fans, saying that we are just not like that, and mostly that has been what I have witnessed at the concerts I have attended - we're there to have a good time, certainly, but we do that without being OTT. I often go to see Michael on my own, as I did this time, and have always felt safe, comfortable with like-minded people. I don't feel it's a right to get to the stage, but it does enhance the experience when I can, and, by standing quietly and waiting, Michael has always noticed and acknowledged me. At Rochester, he shook my hand, and when I went to pull away, he held on and sang to me. An amazing moment -oh, those eyes! - I walked on air for days. It would be so awful, as you say, if he remembered his visits to the UK in a negative way.
I don't know how old you are, so you may not remember this. I was a teenager in the 1970s, and a fan of David Cassidy. However, I never wanted to see him live, because those concerts were dangerous places to be, fans were just so out of control. I wanted to hear him sing, not listen to thousands of other fans just losing it. Friends of mine did go to White City though, where things went horribly wrong, and many young women were crushed because security lost control, and one fan died. Think, too, of Hillsborough, and the recent pop festival in France, where people lost their lives because security made the wrong decisions. I'm not condoning the rough handling from security at Manchester, respect works both ways, and good handling can actually defuse a situation without trouble, but I think we need to recognise that being allowed to the stage is not a "given", and that everyone's safety, including Michael's, is the most important thing. He could have been badly hurt if that fan had pulled him down, which I am sure is not what she would have wanted, in retrospect. If he had been, well, that would have been a dreadful ending to a fabulous year, and security in future would be so tight, we'd never get the chance to be that close again, all because one person was thoughtless.
That said, it was a real privilege to stand beside you and the other lady, to enjoy the experience of being part of something much bigger than the three of us, but at the heart of it all.
Hope to meet you again one day. I trust by now you have defrosted!
TBOL always
Hi again Margaret

I do totally understand what you are saying here, Michaels health and safety is of the upmost importance, and must come first.
Saying that, this is not the first time I have seen Michael nearly been pulled off the stage. This also happened a few years ago at the Royal Albert Hall, by a man if my memory serves me correctly. Security staff (in general) have to be vigilant because of a very small minority of people.

Let's hope Michael never has to change his walk through the audience, or his invitation to let people down to the front of the stage. If that ever happened, it would be very sad.

Keep coming to the UK Michael, we love you!!!

It was amazing. I have never enjoyed myself so much at a concert before. I was up on my feet singing and dancing and Michael was absolutely awesome.
When he sang nessun dorma I actually thought I was going to cry it was that good.
I will definitely wanna go and watch Michael again, going to his concert and being that close to him has made me love him even more.
Thanks for coming to the UK and being so amazing and don't forget to come back very very soon x
Thanks Michael xxxxxx
I wonder if this 'hand holding crazed fan' has the courage to come on here and tell us her story?

Seriously, whilst I dont condone her behaviour, I do have a modicum of empathy for her.

The build up to a concert for some people is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. This is very much the same for me.

I get very excited at the idea of seeing Michael live and look forward to it desperately throughout the year and then at the last minute, panic at the thought of going out to a strange place. Will I cope? Will I be well enough? Will I be able to stand for long enough? Am I going to be in too much pain? All kind of strange things start to worry me.

Then when the concert starts all my fears dissipate into the atmosphere and I am totally wrapped up in the moment and its just me and Michael in the venue and he's inging to me only!!

I am mesmerised by his very prescence and the thought of holding his hand is just too much to think of....Oh my gosh, he's holding my hand!! I dont want this feeling to ever stop!! Of course I let go quite quickly and all too suddenly, Michael is on the other side of the stage!! Bummer!!

Perhaps this lady, just couldnt let go and was frozen in 'her moment'? The culmination of the excitement and of the build up was all in that one moment hers and her alone and she didnt ever want to let go.. EVER!!!

Seriously, I dont want to be too quick to judge her because I dont know her situation or indeed how it felt to be 'in her moment' just then. I just hope that she has now realised what she did and is sorry for her actions and how her behaviour could have jeopordised future UK concerts if Michael ever decided that we were all weird and didnt allow any of us to the stage at any venue!! Perish and discard that thought immediately!!!

Love Jennifer XX
hey jen
its only day and i miss michael so much already .i can beleive how this women got caught in the moment but not to pul him off stage nearly l0l .i didnt see that but am loving his picture on facebook ,i miss this so much already sad bitch i know ,thats life
Ah Helen ,You are not a sad bitch.We understand,this has been a huge part of your life especially lately .Im sure you on a huge comedown at the moment .You feel like you are bored after all that travelling but that will pass ,you spent a huge amount of time on the road (just like MB ).Just try to enjoy spending the time with your son and Jade and those beautiful grandsons of yours.Im sure it wont be long before Michael comes back and you will have to start all over again,lol.XXXX
As for the "crazed fan" she wasn't, she was just elderly. Handing the flowers to him...
I caught the whole thing on my phone! It appears she wanted to try and tell him something. She was pulling him towards her with a whisper in your eye sort of gesture. Very funny. God knows what she was thinking but she was elderly.
Michael recovered like a true pro would and carried on.
You know Juliet, it crossed my mind, after reading Jennifer's psychological assessment of the lady in question... :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
pauline just to let you know the lady who took ill at the concert just before michael came on made a full recovery the paramedics came and helped her and she was able to come back and watch the concert i spoke to the saint john ambulance lady who helped her i met her when i was leaving the concert and aqsked her if the lady was ok and this is what she told me if the lady concerned is a member of this forum keep well im so happy your ok and im glad you were able to see the concert


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