Fantastic concert,shame about the staff.Michael was brilliant as usual but security need to sort themselves out.This was the fourth time to see Michael here but I won"t be going to this venue again.We always follow him to the front after WAMLAW ,so I got to the front but this guy came and told me to move so I said no, Michael likes us to get up.He then pushed me, and when I wouldnt move I said why could other people stand,he said they had front row tickets.A security woman arrived then and she pushed me too then threatened me with being removed from the building.I had enough by then so moved to the aisle and a big security guy came and stood in front of us blocking some of our view.I think Michael could see what was going on.It was disgusting ,either you let people get up or don,t allow anyone at all, when veues have inconsistent policies we dont know where we are. I know I wasn't the only person to have a problem as some other fans came up to me and said they were not happy with the way they were treated. It was lovely to see Antonia and her mum and some other friends.

Anyway it was lovely to see Michael again and thankyou for coming over to the U.K. and making your old fans happy and some new ones too. Looking forward to your next visit.

Merry Christmas

Olly xx

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Hi Olly

Have you heard any news on a Uk tour this year?

Hope you are well



Hi Antonia,sorry its taken so long to reply ,i,m hopeless on the computer,so i havnt been on it for ages.hope you are well.i found your name on the friends?page on Michaels site ,i left a message so i hope you got would only let me write 200 letters.i couldnt work out how to invite friends  to reply. it doesnt look like Michael will be coming  again this year does it?So hope he does.Reading it back it sounds a bit garbled,sorry.luv ollyx

Its nice to keep in touch. Next time we'll arrange to meet up. Will keep checking back to see if there are any concerts planned. See you soon !! Antonia xx

Hi Antonia, it"s been a long time since we" ve been in touch but I"ve heard today HE"S coming at last,the dates are on Michaels site ,if I can get tickets will be going for Liverpool and Manchester <not the apollo,, but the lowry wherever that is> its great news isnt it? And we"re getting first chance of tickets on wednesday morning ,hope you get great ones.Would love to see you again. Cheered my rainy monday up no end.hope to see you. love olive x

Hi Olive... nice to hear from you. Just seen it on twitter!!!   hurrahhh. The Salford Lowry is great but I cant make that date so im looking at the Wolverhampton one instead. How are you???

ye olly i was at the same gig had first row tickets but was told i could not us them was told to sit four rows back in the middle row. was pissed of with security they were arses. and after driveing 8hours from london was not a happy bunney  i did tell the blond security woman i would brack her arm if she was feeling brave enough to put her mittes on me and i would have done. but michaels security should have stepped in it was plain enough to see what was going on but i would not go to any concerts in mancherster again it was a wast of time and money             jo


Hello Folks,


I've finally found a thread I can relate to, even though I'm over a year behind!    If I'm not mistaken, this was the concert I missed due to being surrounded by nothing but snow .... gutted would be an understatement!


If I'm right, people with tickets for the Sheffield concert (that was cancelled) were invited to attend the Apollo, Manchester.    I had problems with security the last time I attended Michael's concert at the Apollo so I know how some of you must have felt.     It's only a small theatre to begin with and if they'd invited fans from Sheffield then I'm not surprised security was stricter than ever!   Bear in mind, they'd have no idea how many would turn up until people actually made it there and perhaps when so many showed up they were being extra cautious for the safety not only of Michael, but for the fans too.   We all know that feeling, the first sounds of Michael on stage .... when we forget all else and 'throw' ourselves into that moment :)


It would also explain why, when some of you had front row seats to begin with, you weren't allowed to use them.   I've read some posts that made me smile, sorry because you didn't write them with that intention, but I visualized Michael stood on stage taking a breather and just watching whilst all his fans sorted security out and told them just what they could do with their 'sit down/stand back or else' advice.  


I'm truly sorry you had such a bad time ... I kept looking at the clock and thinking 'he'll be walking on stage soon', imagining the whole concert and how much you must all be enjoying yourselves.      I bought my ticket 13 months earlier so I'd had a long time to look forward to it, but I'd deliberately not bought a ticket in certain areas because I knew I wouldn't be allowed out of my seat.     It's horrible, frustrating even, watching Michael, listening to him but being watched all the time as if you're about to commit some horrible crime when all you want to do is enjoy the little time (that passes so quickly) when you're all there with Michael under the one roof.


I daresay Michael won't remember that UK tour with a smile on his face, especially as he was ill himself .... but maybe one day he'll be back.   In the meantime, with the release of his album in the UK maybe we'll get the chance to see him interviewed on TV.    Crossing my fingers and hoping ;)


hugs to all,

di (Scotland)

ps. If I'm wrong about the Sheffield concert then please disregard the above and put it down to someone who's not seen Michael in so many years that she can't keep track anymore!

Hi Diane,

Just read your reply to the thread you are right about the Sheffield concert as Michael mentioned it himself and apologised for having to cancel it. I think there where more people than the previous concert but it wasn't overful, and i dont want to make you feel worse but Michael was brilliant (sorry), anyway he is still performing and i'm sure we will see him again but not at the Apollo.

Best wishes


Hi Olive,


I can't remember what I did this morning, but I remember this from a year ago! lol    I'm over my 'oh poor me' phase now, but I wasn't a happy person to be around at the time!   I have the ticket still, a little souvenir and the best I could do.


You're not making me feel worse, I knew Michael would be brilliant and it's always great to hear about it (now).   I only watched the Youtube video once but he looked good :)    I'm just sorry security made it that little bit harder for you to relax and enjoy.    


I can only make it as far as Manchester, plus my family are there so it's easier for me to get to the concert.   I know Michael will be back performing in the UK one day, and if I can't make it I'll look forward to hearing from you all ... it may not be safe for me to post for awhile though! :)


hugs, di



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