Michael...I have sent several e-mails but no response. My name is Dr. Burt Marcus.
My wife & I have met you several times. We were very close friends
with Joel Brander & met you at "this Close" events. We now live in Arizona & saw you at the Dodge Theater several years ago. We have tickets to see you in Chandler on Sept. 10th.
for my wife's birthday. I was wondering if it would be possible to come
backstage to saw hello. Please let us know. Thanking you in advance  
Burt Marcus
Burt & Christine Marcus
P.O. Box 2477
Bison Ranch
2702 Covered Wagon Trail
Overgaard, AZ  85933


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Burt, I also receved your email and have fowarded your info on to the proper person. Thanks, Gail
That is so sweet. I hope all works well, I know how it feels. Thanks gail for your help for the above couple.
I sure hope it works out for you both. I too would love to meet him. Good Luck.
Gail..Can you tell me who the proper person to contact would be. My e-mail is cbmarcus@yahoo.com...Thanks in advance Burt


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