ah ah ah I am back with some gossip.....

Michael went to bali and guess what?

his italian girlfriend I guess (federica?) she has a house there....

happy they spent some time relaxing.......

rumors said the couple was spotted in italy right before xmas.

can't help it,want him happy and settle down so my wife will stop dreaming about him.....

we love you michael.

waiting for you in london again......

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Sharonrose,I did not chose for Michael Bolton to have this deepgoing effect on me,which really seems to whirl me around at times as if I was in some kind of storm where I don't know how or where to hold on.I hope it will calm down as at the moment it is kind of "abnormal".Anyway-thanks for your reply -and all blessings and love available to you and your family.Angelica
I hope not
this reply above was  actually for Juliet McDermott's text


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