Haven't seen this show confirmed yet on this site, however, it's up on Ticketmaster for sale date July 8 th. Just around the corner. Wonder if there are any presales for this one. This is Labor Day wkend.

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Hi Karen,we spoke with ticketmaster today,they said tickets go on sale thursday,and we also called Beau Rivage,the lady also said he was going to be there.Cant wait,hope to get front row center.Tracey,SC

Hi Karen, when there are tentative dates, usually, so people know where to look for them, they’re put in the “MB dates added” thread:


At the same time, Gail can verify for us. Is this somewhere you can access yourself? I have great memories of the Beau Rivage Casino. I went there in 2005 for an MB concert, just before Katrina. Wow, wish I could be there  on that day, it's my birthday! lol  Well take care Karen. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Wow, I do not think that is far from me. It is a 12 or 14 hour drive I think.
Karen, this is a concert being worked out...all papers haven't been signed so I can't post it to the main site calendar...hopefully soon. 

Hey Karen,

I went on Ticketmaster and they have the show listed for September 30, 2011.  As you said the ticketes go on sale June 30th.  That is NEXT WEEK.  I hope this is true because I will be on my way to Biloxi.  See yall there.


Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to get my tickets on Thursday.
Okay guys...Beau Rivage on 9/30 is confirmed. It is on the main page with a link to buying tickets starting tomorrow morning. Check it for time, etc. Gail

Thanks. I've been on Twitter and Facebook telling Michael to bring Helene Fischer with him to Biloxi. Please make it happen. Lol.


Lue from the Great State of Mississippi

Hey Lue,

We are your neighbors in Alabama and look forward to seeing you at the Beau.  We have our tickets. Not great but tickets just the same.  Ha.


I didn't get great seats either. I am in section 104 row G. I should have accepted the first choice given. I look forward to seeing you there.



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