Out of all of Michael's amazing songs he has ever sang/wrote

Which one is your favourite and why?

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Marie I don't quite understand the question you are asking with regard to Michael singing where you use the words "at all" .....don't understand what you mean, sorry !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I do not know whether you still sings this song


Hi Marie, it’s good to finally read you here, I’ve heard a lot about your beautiful collages of MB pictures on Facebook! You know, “When I’m back on my feet again” I think is the most popular song on this thread. I’m not sure if I understand your question Marie, but are you asking why isn’t Michael singing it any more? If so, that’s a darn good question! I know he used to sing it very powerfully, with an orchestra during his “Time, love and tenderness” tour, but then he stopped. I have a beautiful, more quiet version, where he sings it only with a soft piano accompaniment  and it’s gorgeous too. I guess there’s only so many songs he can squeeze into his show and he chose other ones. OMG, I wonder if he’ll sing it with orchestras during his Australian tour... Well anyway Marie, I hope that ansers your question, if not, let us know. Take care Marie and welcome to posting on the forum! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Great thanks for your answer. My English is very bad and I must use translator and often isn't it right translate. I do not know if he sings this song and at this time. I do not know any other video than this one, very beautiful and impressive.

I also like that you have praised me my card. because today on facebook wrote an unflattering about me

My greeting , Marie from Czech

Do not listen to anyone Marie......if someone has been unkind it is only because they are ignorant and jealous.....jealous most of all at the beautiful work you produce !!! :)    Michael would love it and that is all that matters ......not silly people !!!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Sylvia, right now I needed to hear those words .. read.

Have a nice day


Welcome Marie & do the best you can with English. I imagine it's tough learning another language. I have a tough time with English myself. :) No one should hurt you with your not knowing English as well & you enjoy Michael's music. Robin the Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

time keeps slipping away like life.think we would all have done things different if we had been born now.

This is a very beautifull storie but also a sad one..

Thanks for posting this

I guess I'm still 16. Well, folks off topic here, a friend of mine was on various chatlines & radio programs & poof. he was found dead this morning. Don't know the cause so, yeah, no one's promised tonight. Poor Sher losing her husband this morning, her father, mother-in-law & an aunt since February. Gosh. Boltonnut from L. A. Ca so, I'm enjoying these MB lists.

Hey Lisa, good choice: it's the same as Michael's! :D Thanks for sharing sweetie, hope you've had a nice Christmas and have a happy New Year. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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