Sorry it has taken me a while to do a sticky of this link to the birthday calendar.  Thanks, Dianna, for the great job you did putting this together!

*****UPDATE -10/15/2015

I've added an updated calendar below for those who are asking. Thanks, Sylvie for updating it.  I have posted it in two formats so all should be able to get it.


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Here! here! Click the glasses for a toast for the lovely babe's birthday. Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Happy Birthday tomorrow Michael.. Wishing you a fun filled day with family and friends.. Thank you for everything you have given us as fans with your amazing talent and sharing your voice with all of us!



Robin in MD :)

Happy Birthday dude :) hope you have great day with all the family!

Best wishes


Dear Michael,from Portugal with all my love and admiration I wish you a Happy Birthday,hoping you have a Great Day of Joy!

   Your music is a blessing in my life!Thank you for all your work!Take care      Silvia PS

Happy Birthday to someone Super Special. Have the most amazing birthday ever and a great year ahead. You deserve it.

Thank you for the music and making the world a better place.

Best wishes.

Love Gail South Africa


Hi my Bonny Lad as you now enter another phase in your life and if we were in Japan we would be celebrating your 60th but here you have only entered your 60th year by having completed 59 !!     Thank goodness you have had the miracle of life to complete those 59 and to have allowed someone like me to have shared so many of them, through all your absolutely fantastic music and your equally fantastic voice and your more than handsome good looks but above all, by the character you possess in your unstinting beliefs in truth and honesty, compassion and tolerance and kindness and generosity which have come about by your upbringing or, as you have said yourself, by the wonderful DNA your beautiful mother and wonderful father gave you on the day you were conceived to your ultimate growth and your birth on 26th February, 1953, a day in my calendar I will celebrate for the rest of my life for, it gave to me, someone I am so proud to share this planet earth with ....MICHAEL BOLOTIN !

Now;   "back to the good part !!"......................



Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


Have a good one Michael!!

Pure and simple, no fluffing around, no pulp, just sink one for me as soon as the sun is over the yard arm!!

Have a great day!! 

Love Jennifer (Your favourite Essex Bolton Babe) XX

Michael I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by your beautiful girls .Hope you get to have a few pints as that's how us Irish do it .enjoy xx

Dear Michael, I simply want to wish, to the beholder of my favourite sound, a wonderful timeless birthday and for many decades to come, at least twice as much happiness as you bring all your fans collectively with  your beautiful voice and spirit, God bless. Warm hugs and much love , sincerely, Sylvie from Qc Canada <3

Hope you have a magical day filled with happiness!
Thank you for years of beautiful music,
that mean more than you'll ever know to me and all your fans. 
We love you!
from the Jersey Shore

Happy Birthday Michael!!!  I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Hope you are spending  time relaxing and with your girls and those beautiful granddaugthers. Thanks for all you have given to us your fans.xxxx


From Upstate NY



Happy 59th Birthday!  I hope you are having a fabulous day relaxing and maybe a little golf!  Thank you for the happiness you bring to me, and so many others, through your music.  Enjoy YOUR day!




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