Sorry it has taken me a while to do a sticky of this link to the birthday calendar.  Thanks, Dianna, for the great job you did putting this together!

*****UPDATE -10/15/2015

I've added an updated calendar below for those who are asking. Thanks, Sylvie for updating it.  I have posted it in two formats so all should be able to get it.


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Here's wishing all your dreams come true :)

Love Dianna xxx



Know this will be a difficult day Ozlem .....the first of anything without someone you love always is, as I know you are finding out, but I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday and I know your mum, wherever she is, is wishing you one to.....feel her arms around you and gain strength by it ! :)   Take care Ozlem !! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Özlem, I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t know about your mum and I truly am sorry. I guess you’re the latest arrival in the cast of orphans here and we all send you a big warm bear hug in support. I do wish you to find comfort and joy none the less in your day through the wonderful things your mum passed on to you. I know I’m thankful for the love of music and singing my mom passed on to me. I do wish you a happy birthday none the less Özlem, God bless. Big warm hugs, “In the arms of love”, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada xxx

I'm going to come out here & wish all June folks happy birthday & celebrate it good with many more returns. Aolso, Ozlem, I'm sorry for the anniversary of the loss of your mom. Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton

Dear Ozlem, facing that first Birthday after losing your Mom is difficult (I know the feeling) I do wish you a Happy Birthday.

I send you a hug,

Nicolette xx

Happy Birthday Ozlem....and know your mom is with you :)))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob  

Happy Birthday Ozlem! Your mom is smiling down on you today and always.

Robin in MD :)


I know it will be hard but do try and have a nice day

Many blessings, hugs and kisses from me to you

Love Dianna xxxx

Thank you to everyone for all of your birthday wishes from last week. I really appreciate your kind, freindly and heartfelt wishes, THANK YOU!! XX

My apologies for not coming on earlier but I have no idea where the time is flying past just lately. I've had a few upsets this past few months or so and a health issue, plus of course, the birth of my first Grand baby Billy-Jo who is adorable,  but fingers crossed, I should be back with you properly soon.

If anyone needs birthday details adding or amending on the calendar, please let either myself or Dianna know and we will change or add them for you.

If someone new joins the site and you think they might like their birthday adding, please ask them first them get them to contact us and we will happily oblige.

Once again, my sincerest thank you's to you all.

Jennifer XX

Hey Jennifer, a wise man once wrote: “life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans”… Well it sounds like your health issue is behind you so good for you. Congratulations on your new grandbaby! Now at the risk of sounding dumb, I’ll ask you: is your grandbaby a girl or a boy? Of course, Billy-Jo sounds like a boy’s name but is usually spelled with an “E” at the end... In any case, I’m sure  this blessing is the joy of your life so enjoy! Take care Jennifer and we’ll see you around the forum! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Hi Jennifer,

Glad to hear things are better with you, hope your health is much better.  And a new grand baby, that's wonderful!  I can't wait to be a grandmother someday.My only daughter is getting married this September, so my day is coming in the not to distant future.


I have wondered where you were and have missed you here. 


from the Jersey Shore



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