Starting this thread so there is somewhere everyone can come and leave a birthday greeting for Michael for his 62nd birthday which is on 26th February.

Have spoken to Gail and she has given okay as well as saying she will make sure this is sent to Michael in plenty of time for his birthday. We have agreed to make the closing date for greetings 24th February at midnight EST. 

Please feel free to leave your own personal greeting to Michael in whatever shape, or form, you want, as long as it is respectful, clean and not too long.

Should also like to make a suggestion that, if anyone is thinking they would like to send a gift to Michael for his birthday why not consider making a donation to his beloved Michael Bolton Charities and here are details concerning exactly how to do that as well as showing Gail's message after contacting Andrena, at MBC, on our behalf........

Gail's post, after contacting Andrena at MBC on our behalf, with regard to making donations to MBC in honour of Michael's birthday.

"I have heard back from Andrena at MBC. She said absolutely send your donations for MB's birthday and she will keep track of them so he knows the total that came in for his birthday from his fans. IF you want to send a donation or a card as well as your wishes here, you can send it to:

Michael Bolton

C/O Michael Bolton Charities

P.O. Box 936

Branford, CT 06405

Please write in the card or a little note that the donation is to honor Michael's Birthday."

You can donate to MBC on-line at and please mark your donation as being in honour of Michael's 62nd Birthday....thanks !! :)

Thought would put a few little starters here to make it look birthday like and get us in the mood for a party !!! lol

Top photo on mug Michael was 19 at time but hope you'll give me that one !!! lol

For Sylvie and Robin and anyone else popping on who has visual problems, pictures I have put in are first one is a montage of five birthday greetings and I have placed balloons all over it to give colour and little bit of added stuff and I have put on it at the top, in green scroll writing: "Happy Birthday" and then down below first two pics in montage in the same green and scroll writing: "Michael !!!"  The pictures in the montage are: 1st one says "62, and aged to perfection" with a bottle and two glasses in the centre of the words and that lies to the right and then over to left is 2nd one which says: "It took 62 years to get this awesome!"  On bottom line which contains three pictures with the first of those being of a  badge and it says on it: "62" and then below that: "cleverly disguised as a responsible adult". The 2nd picture is of a golfer on a green standing pointing at a hole which has a golf ball balanced on the rim and the flag is in the hole and it shows hole #7 (appropriateness of that I couldn't resist) and above golfer are the words: "May the course be with you" and last picture shows on right hand side a bucket of popcorn with 2 tickets showing "adult one" and then to left hand side it says: "Just think, now you're one step closer to the senior citizen discount at the movies".  Second picture I have put in is of a mug which says on it: "!'m 18....with 62 years experience !" and I have placed two pictures of Michael on it with one above words being an "oldie" when he is 19 and other one below words taken last week when he was in Shanghai having his cup of tea and I have put a circular fancy abstract border round it  which contains in the left hand bottom corner a large turquoise daisy like flower.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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Happy Birthday!
Best of everything to you in your career & life.
Your music has been with me for 29 years now, helped me through good times & bad.
Can't wait to see you in March in NJ!
 Joy from the Jersey Shore



Happy Birthday, Michael!

Wishing you a birthday filled with love and joy. Thank you for 25 years of music, concerts, softball games, charity events and so many memorable experiences. (Oh, those 100's of pictures from the softball games!) You've always been so kind & generous to your fans. I'm proud to have been along for some of the ride. Xoxo Maureen G (from MA & Naples FL)

Happy , Happy , Happy 62 Birthday Maestro Michael.

From Milan / Italy  your great , great , great  fan  Mery

Happy , Happy Birthday King of music !!!

Michael, I don't have anything fancy like the other fans to post, (sorry about that), I only have words..So, I just wanted to thank you for being the creative talent genus that you are. Thank for creating music that touches not only the ears of the people that listen to your music but also touches the hearts and spirits of the fans. Happy Birthday Michael.. Wishing you Peace, love and happiness on your Born Day.  BIG Hug, Shawna BJackson a.k.a cattet.=^,,^= (Saint Petersburg, Fl - Tampa Bay)

I wanted to let you know that I am closing this thread so I can forward the info on to Michael.  As stated by Sylvia this is the deadline.  Thanks and I'll get the link to Michael and report anything (if anything) is said.  Thanks everyone!  Gail

To let you all know Michael has just tweeted this message.........

"Michael Bolton @mbsings 14m14 minutes ago

THANK U SO MUCH everyone for the amazing birthday wishes. My heart is full. I have the best fans in the world. Much love! See u on the road!"

Should add that Twitter is going rather bonkers with messages pouring in from all over the world for Michael's birthday and it's darn wonderful to see it all.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


Here is tweet and picture that Michael has sent following his show in Durham, NC last night, 4th March and believe more than appropriate to place on here....... · 

" 1h 1 hour ago

My awesome band & crew surprised me with this birthday cake! First date back on tour! So grateful."

Here also is a photo of Michael with a birthday cake he received, on his birthday, when he was in Detroit at the Family Reunion 6 event held in the Quicken Loans Offices.

Should add that have placed Michael's tweet and birthday cake photos in the Miscellany thread if anyone wants to make comment as closing this thread again.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


A little bit of, I think, lovely news and it is that I am on Pinterest and have a "Board" for Michael which I call "Michael Bolton Around the World" and place all his various photos from around the world on it and on his birthday I posted the picture of the cake the band and crew gave him and a couple of days ago the girl who actually was commissioned to make the cake came on with a comment and here is her comment:

"Kimwa Walker • 3 days ago

Hi! FYI, I MADE this cake! My cake business is in Durham, NC....I'm a huge fan of his, and was so honored to have been commissioned to create this work to celebrate Mr. Bolton's birthday! ( :~)"

I thanked her for coming on with information and told her I would post her comment on here.  Also told her the cake was beautiful and that everyone on Michael's website thought so too.  Below is photo of that cake in case anyone never saw or, have forgotten, exactly what it looked like.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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