Well the first one I can see and know she is on the forum is our special Lady Jaana (red dress)
So many happy return's for the 30th November Jaana

enjoy it!



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Well we have to continue from here.
Manel I don't think everybody got to wish you a happy Birthday so here goes again!

Happy Birthday Manel!!! I wish we had the colored fonts here!!!
I hope it was a nice birthday!!
Yes, Many happy birthday Wishes Manel!!
Love Jennifer XXXX
Oooh, what did I find?? Thank You!!
But tell me, how can I find out who sent this?? Was it you Jennifer??
I'm not sure, it might have been me?
I've been sending out invites left right and centre and didnt think the invite system was working properly.

Still, you're here now and thats al lthat matters.

love Jennifer XXX
Jaana and Manel
Happy Birthday !!! Wishing you all the best
Take care
Michelle W many happy returns for your special day
All the best

Happy 'Tail Wagger' of a Birthday Michelle!!!
Have a great day!!
Love Jennifer XXX
Sharon wishing you a fanastic day on the 9th of May
Hope you get everything your heart desires.
Love Dianna xxx

Thats lovely ,thanks Dianna.xx
Hi Sharon, aren't you lucky to have 2 special days in one? Have a great birthday and mother's day with your special boy! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Very lucky ,Thank you Slyvie xx


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