Our friend Joshua picked up on something he saw in the photo that MB sent into us of himself and Dave Tozer working in MB's studio and it concerns an "item" which can be seen in the photo and below I have pinpointed where the "item" is and ask; "what is it ??"


As it is on a blog and therefore not really a place to start a discussion hence my reason for bringing over to here comments that have so far been placed in blog by Joshua, myself and Erika and also reason why I have started this thread in order that, as I say, we may all possibly have some FUN in deciding what that "item" is !!!! lol


"Comment by Erika C. Leamingthon4 hours ago           

It seems to me a gnome with a beard! :)

Certainly it is very lucky to be so close to Michael! :)


Comment by sylvia doughty 12 hours ago           

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You certainly have spotted something Joshua .....now do we ask Mr. Bolton to come in and explain what it is for I would say it looks like a fluffy toy somewhat like a teddy bear although I think it is a little monkey and what I am sure he has on are horned rimmed glasses....maybe they are Michael's from the 60's....kept as a souvenir !!!! LOL.   Well spotted Joshua whatever it is !!! :))))

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.   27

Comment by joshua alderfer 16 hours ago           

is that a puppet i see in the right back corner"


Should add, at this point, that I did tweet Mr. Bolton last night for a little bit of insight into what it is.....maybe when we have all had our say and bit of fun Mr. Bolton may just let us know exactly what it is !!! LOL    You all know me, never give up, I am still trying to get MB on this website and as I have said, by hook or by crook I'm going to keep on trying for a little "trier", in more ways than one, I certainly am !!!!! ROFL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend who will do anything for a laugh....well, just about !!!! lol.


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On second thought, however, could be a sound technician pocket! :)

What is a "sound technician pocket" Erika ???? lol.    All I know is that it is driving me up the wall....keep looking at it and it does appear to have a dark background or else it is just leaning on something for I thought it was a photo or something on a screen but its little legs are sticking out they are not flush with that background !!   I think he looks like a little professor and reminds me of childrens' characters that were created of humans as different animals and I cannot remember who created them but I am sure it was thought that some were too scary for children ....can't remember if it was Roald Dahl who created them and I have looked through internet but haven't got anywhere but that little fellow reminds me of something I have seen.....need to keep thinking about !!! LOL.   He couldn't be some little character out of a TV show like Southpark or something could he .....oh how I hope someone comes in with the answer for it is driving me bonkers for I hate something like that that is just right on the "tip of your tongue"  and it won't come !!!!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


A sound engineer's task is to make changes to your audio equipment so that performers can be heard clearly!
It was just for a laugh! :)

But it would be nice for a singer to bring a sound technician in your pocket.

Indeed the eyes of the puppet make me afraid.
Maybe he does not belong to Michael.
A gadget is not for sure.
Maybe you're right you know? It could be a character in the cartoon South Park.

Let's see if someone else join in the discussion and not leave us alone.

a hug

I am sure the little fellow I am thinking about has on horned rimmed glasses and I am certain the little "person" in that photo has and he has a big mouth but not lips as such and he has a wee white beard and I am sure it is like a little yarmulke that he wears  .....oh, help, help, help.....what am I thinking about and he is a wee professor type like a wee scientist or like a wee Gandhi or a wee Rabbi.....oh, who is he ????? LOL.   I am convinced now what I am thinking of is a TV show.....OMG, I know I was demented before I started this thread but I am definitely certifiable now !!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


What a yarmulke? It 's a Scottish goblin? :)

The fact is that it does not seem to interest anyone's puppet.

It affects only the two of us, and Joshua, who at the moment is gone.

You are really nice Sylvia. You can always put in a good mood.

You hug.



Oh My, I just spotted this soooooo cute kitten, Erika. Does it belong to you or just a photo.? Either way, thanks for sharing it.

Kathy T.:-))

No dear, this is a kitten that I have posted some friends from the internet.
I wish I had a kitten like that.

I am sending you a hug


Hey Sylvia, I know how it is when something’s right at the tip of your tongue so thought I’d try to give you a hand. Here’s Roald Dahl’s Wikipedia page:


There are several links to pages on his creations and assuming there are pictures, so this might start you on the right trail. Now, dumb question but who says this pic is from Michael’s studio at all? Couldn’t it be from Dave Towser’s? Now I like the idea of sharing pics or thoughts of childhood keepsakes. I wish  I still had my old dog Nicky. He was, get this: a fushia dog, possibly a beagle, with black floppy plastic ears and blue eyes... lol My mom gave most of my old toys away, including my favourite doll named Helen: a beautiful black-hared 2 foot tall doll  with a sweet smile, wearing a red and white dress. I did rescue my first fashion doll and my Ken doll too and they’re sitting on a Barbie-size  couch in my playroom. I think that’s why I keep most of my kids’ old toys... :D Thanks for that Sylvia and break a leg on your investigation! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Well, Wee One, I must admit on a small cell phone it is tough to zoom in on that little character. I think a bear or monkey is a pretty good guess. Joshua was really looking this photo over tooth and comb, admittedly I was curious about many things in the background as well, missed that. What is the prize if we guess it right, lol............? No, will not even try, I can't see it close enough. Keep up the work Wee One, you may just succed one of these days, an occasional pop in would be nice, huh?

Kathy T.:-))

I thought it was a stuffed animal for one of the little grand-daughters????

I saw it too.

Robin in MD )

It's probably his from when he was a youngster, he just wanted to keep it in a good spot for his Lucky Charm! And also to keep it from Orrin:)! LOL!

Wouldn't you All want to have it now? OMG! I gotta stop:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

Agree entirely with you Mary, so much so, I am not continuing with the guessing game for yesterday I managed to do certain things with the photo and I believe it is, in all probability, something from younger days that means an awful lot to someone and something too that has acquired some very special items  !! :)    Maybe I am just an old sentimentalist and that is what I am hoping just because I have still got a pink and white stuffed straw dog that is called "John" and my first doll called "Wendy", still attired in the little set of clothes my mum knitted for her, and they ain't going nowhere.....maybe one of these days I'll take a picture and let you see John and Wendy !!! lol.   I will still keep on the lookout for that little character that I believed he was for that I can still see in my mind's eye and until I can name exactly what I am thinking about ....it will annoy !! :)

Erika I adore your thoughts on a yarmulke being a Scottish goblin but in fact a yarmulke is the Jewish skullcap and I must thank you for that picture of the little kitten....he is so darn cute and lovable !!! :)

Anybody else still want to guess what it might be in picture....feel free or, if anyone wants to share something they have that is precious to them from childhood, why not ???? :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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