Our friend Joshua picked up on something he saw in the photo that MB sent into us of himself and Dave Tozer working in MB's studio and it concerns an "item" which can be seen in the photo and below I have pinpointed where the "item" is and ask; "what is it ??"


As it is on a blog and therefore not really a place to start a discussion hence my reason for bringing over to here comments that have so far been placed in blog by Joshua, myself and Erika and also reason why I have started this thread in order that, as I say, we may all possibly have some FUN in deciding what that "item" is !!!! lol


"Comment by Erika C. Leamingthon4 hours ago           

It seems to me a gnome with a beard! :)

Certainly it is very lucky to be so close to Michael! :)


Comment by sylvia doughty 12 hours ago           

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You certainly have spotted something Joshua .....now do we ask Mr. Bolton to come in and explain what it is for I would say it looks like a fluffy toy somewhat like a teddy bear although I think it is a little monkey and what I am sure he has on are horned rimmed glasses....maybe they are Michael's from the 60's....kept as a souvenir !!!! LOL.   Well spotted Joshua whatever it is !!! :))))

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.   27

Comment by joshua alderfer 16 hours ago           

is that a puppet i see in the right back corner"


Should add, at this point, that I did tweet Mr. Bolton last night for a little bit of insight into what it is.....maybe when we have all had our say and bit of fun Mr. Bolton may just let us know exactly what it is !!! LOL    You all know me, never give up, I am still trying to get MB on this website and as I have said, by hook or by crook I'm going to keep on trying for a little "trier", in more ways than one, I certainly am !!!!! ROFL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend who will do anything for a laugh....well, just about !!!! lol.


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Ha, Sylvia, I think I will 2nd that only 6 thing but ain't (a little Oklahoma slang here) it fun at times!!!!

I will meet you in a PM later, something extra special to tell you. Back to work now, though, lunch is over.


Kathy T.:-))
Hey Wee One,

Just thought of something after reviewing all of todays replies here before calling it a day, without us, his fans, MB would not have this part of his life. Insight and wisdom, we are his inspiration and I am certain he knows that. Therefore, we are a pretty important group of people in his life don't you think?

Signing off now, over and out.

Kathy T.:))

Hey Kathy T Michael has made mention of his fans many times and especially too even in dedications on his CD's .....he has not forgotten where he came from and he will always remember, apart from himself, all those who helped put him where he is today....that is what makes him such a gentleman and I believe, apart from his beautiful voice, gives us the inspiration to be his fans !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Wee Onebr />

I see how hard he works and admire how much he gives of himself at every concert I have been to. I read the stories of how many lives on this forum he has touched and inspired. Many a day he is my sunshine and keeps me going with that beautiful voice and the words of inspiration that help me through my day. It helps me get a life and at the age of 6 I need that, lol..........


Kathy T. :-))


you are so right .....lol....


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