Hi All.


Just got home, OK I will get my two gripes over first. LOL Mica Paris didn't show up, although it did say 'Plus support' on the Blackpool tickets and has been advertised as such. Secondly, a batch of front row tickets was released yesterday. Naughty naughty Ticketmaster strikes again, so if anyone is still looking for tickets for concerts then check Ticketmaster every day. Its bonkers though, I've had these tickets since December 2009 and they release Front Row the day before.


OK, The concert was fabulous, although the stage looks a little empty, I can't fault the band at all, and the sax player really seemed to be enjoying himself and getting involved with the audience towards the end. Michael mentioned that he had heard a venue earlier in the week had stopped photos being taken, but he had NO problem with people taking as many photos as they liked, that we were all there to have fun and sing along and make as much noise as we wanted to.


I can't remember the set list, very similar to the last few years with a couple of new ones. he looked really slim, like hes lost a little weight again, a fabulous concert as usual. Next stop for me, Manchester.



Mandy xx

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Hello Mandy,

Sorry about Mica not turning up, but I' m glad you had a great time.

Yes, Michael has been a little upset that the Dublin venue told the audience that the orders for no pics had come from Michael.

The stage does look a little empty doesnt it, but the new guys are sowly learning to fill it and boy Michael Lington (the sax player) really knows how to opaly tha tthing doesn he?

Was Errol Cooney on stage? (lead guitar) I really love him!

I'm going backstage at the Royal Albert Hall on the 23rd and I cant wait to meet the new guys face to face.

Glad you had a god time though and that Michael was on top form as per usual.

Thanks for the review.

Love Jennifer XXXX
No Jenn ,Errol is not there .Theres a friend of Michaels daughters from Conn in his place called Ryan Parrino .He kind of looks a little like Errol ,lol
Hi Mandy and since this is the first time I read your post, I’ll assume you’re new and welcome you to the forum. Sorry to hear Mica Paris didn’t show up and that’s really too bad because you just might have gotten asong from his Xmas CD… Mica was on BBC Radio 2 a few weeks back and mentioned she had recorded a duet with Michael. What were Ticketmaster thinking? Did the seats get sold at least? Well good to know you’ve had a good time and looking forward to more! Listen, I understand that being new, you may not know your way around the site yet, but we have a special thread set up just for concert reviews right here:
There are many pages of reviews, photos and even links to videos fans have taken. So if you’d like to join us for your next review, that would be great! Take care Mandy, have a great time in Manchester and hope to read you on the thread! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
I just got back from Blackpool and nothing spoiled my evening. I went to see Michael Bolton and he was WONDERFUL!!! FANTASTIC!!! EXTATIC!!! Thank you Michael for a BRILLIANT!!! SHOW !!! YOU MADE MY DAY. My car broke down at 2pm I waited for one hour for the breakdown service and thought I might miss the show but managed to get to Blackpool in time for the best and most enjoyable evening this year. Cant wait for Monday I'm going to see it all over again. WELL DONE MICHAEL and all the backing group.XXX
Hey Guys thanks for sharing the reviews, like Sylvie said, can you add them to the Concert Review Thread next time? We have it established so all reviews go in one place.. Thanks so much. Glad MB announced the photo taking being ok with him and that has been a long time coming. Tickets being released same day of show is not unusual, venues release holds of seats from promoters etc..day of and yes they are front row, Iv'e gotten them sometimes that way. The venue in USA I just went to in NJ over a week ago released front row 2 weeks before the show, we were thrilled.. so it's something very common...

Glad to hear you made it to the show Sylvia despite the car breaking down. OMG!! Not a good way to start out for a show.

Enjoy the upcoming shows, and thanks for the reviews, just please next time put them in the review thread so we aren't searching all over for multiple posts. Thanks a lot!!

Love reading them!!
Robin in MD-USA :)
thanks Mandy

Hi all ...a great concert as always at Blackpool..as already said no support act..but i didnt mind as Michael did turn up...we was able to move seats towards the front..dont know why or what had happened as 4 rows was empty...so we was told we could move into them..so happy days! :o)
Hi Johanna, Nothing wrong with moving up closer to the stage, that always works!!! Glad you were able to do that and enjoy the show that much closer to the stage!!!! That does make for a happy night!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Robin :)

collage of my pics from Blackpool show x
I went to the Blackpool show. Michael's voice was fantastic as always. I took my Mum for her birthday and she said it was just so wonderful to hear him sing because MB has been in our lives for so long (mine, my Mum's and my Brother's).
I agree with Mandy, the stage looked bare! Only a 5 piece band with 2 backing vocalists (one played trumpet) and it looked a bit like a band that had been thrown together for him (similar to ones on This Morning).
I was disappointed the set list wasn't massively different. Only 1 track from the new album, which was strange, but it was my favourite so I wasn't too upset (Hope It's Too Late). Nessun Dorma, Rock Me Baby, Said I Loved You, Soul Provider & Hope It's Too Late were the highlights.
Wonderful vocalist, wonderful entertainer, wonderful man!
OH and I'm very pleased because they finally had a smart t-shirt to buy for Men! A Black Polo Shirt with "MB - Michael Bolton" embroidered on it in white. £30, BARGAIN! Oh and a signed photo of the album cover for £8. Two very worthwhile purchases.

Michael xx
Hi Michael and thanks for your review. You had said before that MB had been in your family’s life for a long time. Now, what took you so long to take your mum to a concert? :D You couldn’t have gotten her a better present! It’s a mystery to most of us why MB doesn’t include more songs from “One world one love” but I’m happy for you he sang your favorite. Did you get the new song “Sweet home Chicago” and if so, what did you think of it? Well, glad you enjoyed the show and were happy with your purchases too. I think it had been a good while since he had a polo shirt. Thanks for sharing Michael, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Sylvie! My Mum has seen him about 4 times before so don't worry, she's not deprived haha.
Yeah I got the new song, I actually really enjoyed it. I love anything that he includes his guitar playing in.

Michael xx


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