Hi All.


Just got home, OK I will get my two gripes over first. LOL Mica Paris didn't show up, although it did say 'Plus support' on the Blackpool tickets and has been advertised as such. Secondly, a batch of front row tickets was released yesterday. Naughty naughty Ticketmaster strikes again, so if anyone is still looking for tickets for concerts then check Ticketmaster every day. Its bonkers though, I've had these tickets since December 2009 and they release Front Row the day before.


OK, The concert was fabulous, although the stage looks a little empty, I can't fault the band at all, and the sax player really seemed to be enjoying himself and getting involved with the audience towards the end. Michael mentioned that he had heard a venue earlier in the week had stopped photos being taken, but he had NO problem with people taking as many photos as they liked, that we were all there to have fun and sing along and make as much noise as we wanted to.


I can't remember the set list, very similar to the last few years with a couple of new ones. he looked really slim, like hes lost a little weight again, a fabulous concert as usual. Next stop for me, Manchester.



Mandy xx

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Hi Johanna

great collage, I love it!

and thanks Michael for your review, happy birthday to your mum!

Silvy from CH XXXX
Thanks Silvy! That's really nice of you.
Michael xx

Glad you and your mother had a great time at the concert! :)

Hi, Mandy, Johann and Michael
For everything, thanks a lot !!!
Take care


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