Hi! Posting again here in a new thread because I realized that the previous one was in the wrong one, because it was onky for bday messages and not announcements. So here I go again:


Hello everyone: 

In addition to this action and to the one that Sally created, I have created one for Twitter only and maybe those of you who are in this social networkd will like to join it. Thank you so much!!!  PILAR


Let's celebrate that our idol turns 65, and is our idol because his songs are the best and have been, and are, very important in our lives ... so, what better thing to congratulate him with those verses that we like the most? We propose to, from February 25, and throughout the entire day 26 (birthday), FILL TWITTER with tweets with the structure shown in the photo. That way, when he will open your account, he will be able to see all those congratulations. Attention: It is an action only for Twitter and  WON'T BE DONE BEFORE DAY 25, PLEASE. THANK YOU!

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Thanks Pilar and will be on Twitter with tweet for MB, for sure !!! lol   Thanks !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Love your idea Pilar, will be posting for sure!!

Robin in MD :)

Fantastic idea Pilar!! Will definitely be posting birthday tweet for Michael!!

Sandra. Devon UK :)


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