Hey Gang,


I was looking at Amazon the other day and noticed that there are two books about Michael:


Time, Love and Tenderness by Lee Randall


MB: The Passion, Secrets, Soul and Truth's - oops... forgot name of author


Just wondering, if any of you have these books and if they are they any good?  The first book costs $8.99, the other $30 for a new copy and about $4.00 for a used one.










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LOL....thanks Kathy!!

Oh those were the days, the Bolton Bomber's games. WE had the best times at those games... I love them..many different teams and the guys on the Bombers were great, Johnny Dodd and all of them.. great fun..
MB decided to quit playing as it got too dangerous after some years doing it.. They were playing really serious games too!! WOW!!

Fun stuff!!
Robin :)
Well.....just when I thought is was safe to go back into the water....I mean going back on the internet...LOL!

I had it on my mind, to get Michael's CD "Time love and Tenderness" for my collection. So I decided to wait no more and ordered it today before everyone on the planet starts their Christmas shopping! On top of that...I have to say that Sylvie in Canada is a bad influence on me (in a nice way)..LOL.. I also ordered the Kenny G CD with Michael's song on it "Don't make me wait for love". Really love how Michael sings this song and I had to get it!! Don't know if I'll like the rest of the CD (I'm not a fan of live CD's and not big on instrumentals), but the price was ok and I wanted to have it! So that was my treat for Thanksgiving, besides the book! So, what should I treat myself to for Christmas? :)

lol A bad influence, moi? Well, I resemble that remark! lol Ah Helena, the Kenny G CD is worth getting, just for that song girlfriend! Kenny G is okay, I really enjoy some of his songs but not a huge fan of his sax acrobatics. I don't mean to offend anyone, JMO. So you wonder what to treat yourself with for Xmas huh? Hmm, you want the whole list or just the top 100? :D There'll be time my friend: you need to savor what yu'll be getting first and TLT is quite a sweet treat, so then we'll talk... :D Take care girlfriend. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
LOL Helena......Miss Sylvie Solver is quite the wonderful influence...isn't she??!!! I'll let her give you suggestions..you don't need TWO Michael fanatics filling your pretty head with ideas....lol
Kathy and LAFD Bob
LOL....you girls are fun!! True, Sylvie is a great influence Kathy....what would I do without her? :)

Sylvie...did you say top 100? Mamma Mia!!! I think I better enjoy these two CD's for now, plus the "This is the Time" Christmas CD. I went to the Italian music store today and my mother got me 3 CD's as part of my Christmas gift. They gave us a good price for them (3 CD's for $30.00), so was happy about that!! So for now I'm loaded with CD's and will wait till after the holidays to get anything else I want. Also enjoying the book too!

You girls enjoy the weekend! :)

Awww Helena, that’s so sweet! Lol I was just teasing about the “top 100” girlfriend… Although… I don’t suggest you check your in-box quite right away! Lol This is too much fun! Lol Wow, 3 CD’s for 30 bucks, that’s pretty good! Well, as I’ve said Helena, you do have to take the time and savor what you’ll have. You know, these are just suggestions: you can just make a wish list and get them slowly. I mean, it took us 20+ years to get to know Michael and gather all his wonderful treasures, we can’t expect you to catch up in a month… Do enjoy “This is the time” for now and “Time love and tenderness” when you get it: that was the first tape my husband bought me, although I’d asked for one that had “When I’m back on my feet again”, which is “Soul provider”. But after I’d listened to my tape a few times, I knew I was in love with that voice and never looked back. Take care Helena and have a great weekend too. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Oh I know you are teasing me...LOL! I am loaded with CD's right now...I have music coming out of my ears!! LOL! I listen to the Italian CD's already (left you a message on your page), and still waiting for the MB CD's to arrive. On top of that, my co-worker in England is sending me for Christmas, the new Boy George CD!! What a sweatheart!!! Plus, I still want to hear my Christmas CD's...so many CD's, so little time to listen to them! Will catch ya later! Hugs, Helena..xx....
Hi Helena, I've had both those books for quite a while now, there both great. Lots of really nice photos of Michael!! Very worth buying,
I got "Tha Passion, secret...."...really like it. True, great photo's too!



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