Hi everyone, well this is my first attempt at starting a discussion so hope I’m doing this right... :D . A couple of weeks ago, I asked Gail when she thought would be a proper time to start thinking of what we fans want to do for our Michael’s 60th birthday. She said she was out of ideas, but suggested I’d start a thread asking fans for suggestions. I figure we have exactly 4 months, starting today,  to come up with something fun and get mobilised to achieve it. I’m no organizer, I just thought we could share ideas so let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with! :D Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada J

*The 2 most popular suggestions so far are:


- individual donations to michaelboltoncharities.com, mentionning they are made in honor of Michael’s birthday, of any amount you feel comfortable with.

-a collective wall-hanging made from personalized fabric squares sent by fans that will be stitched together. The 4 inch/10 cm squares (with small blank margin) only need have your signature and location but can be crafty as you are able. For

more info, ask here, or PM either me, or Amie Angeli who will be doing the stitching and presenting the finished product to our Michael.


**Note: The final deadline for recieving fabric squares is February 15th, so you don't have much time left. :D

**It would also mean a lot to Michael if fans donate to the Red Cross for victims of hurricane Sandy at:


then E-mail Gail at boltoninfo@aol.com with your name and location, so she can add  them to the MBC donors list.

**If you feel strongly about sending Michael a card or personal gift, you may send it to:

Michael Bolton

c/o Michael Bolton Charities

P.O. Box 936

Branford, CT 06405


*Note that the deadline for recieving cards and presents is February 20th 2013, whether you send them to either Gail or Michael Bolton Charities.

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Thanks Gail for the update&Amie, you did the best you could. Try not to feel bad about not being able to make it to York. Things happen. Michael received it&it's awesome. :)

Thank you Gail for clearing things up...and I most definitely thank his daughter Taryn for getting back w/you....I can imagine the picture & it is a good one in my mind just knowing, so tell her we appreciate All of her work in getting this to him for Us All.Personally I don't need a Thank You or a Pix, just knowing he got it is more than enough! It was soooo much Fun getting our patches together for Amie to put together!

Oh yeah, in case I haven't told you this enough..."you have the Best job in the World" :)!

Hope Taryn & her family are All well now! Again "Thanks"!!!!!!

Mary (meg's mom)!

 Hey Sylvia, Thanks for the update on Mr. Tom! Keep us posted! And please tell  him & our Ashley they are in my prayers!

Mary (M&M's)!

Amie,I'm sure Gail would be able to check on that for you. He has been home for a few days here and there.
Thanks again for all your hard work
Eileen from Upstate NY

Hi Eileen!  Yes, Gail checked with Taryn, who says he got it.  What a relief!  I know he must have popped in at home, e.g. when he did the live concert in NYC, which is why I worried so that it all might have gotten lost, set aside or something in the shuffle.  Taryn is super-busy, and with so much going on her life, she might have handed it off to staff, or forgotten, or something.  But it seems he got it ok.  So I'm very relieved that it got delivered ok despite my last-minute change in plans making it impossible for me to get to York concert on his birthday.

So, housesitting again, and the people are due home tonight!  Madly cleaning house, packing up my stuff, etc, to move on.

All best, Amie

Hi Amie,

So very glad we all now know that it was received and sorry Taryn's family was ill when he was finally home.

Best wishes for your next move.


Good to hear. I feel better knowing this........... I hope he makes it on this site to let everyone know he loved it. Thanks 
Amie and Kellie. 

Hi Aimee.....we would love to see the photos you took of the delivery of the wall hanging :) You shared great photos of the wall hanging so I know the delivery photos are special also!! 


Kathy and LAFD Bob

Guys I am so sorry this has taken so long but finally I got an answer to my question about the quilt.  Taryn as you know got caught up in her new store and Michael wasn't home so she wasn't in the office.  But Michael's long time assistant just sent me this:


Michael did get the quilt and he was absolutely stunned that this was handmade by fans. I don’t think he got that at first, being a guy who does not sew....the quilt is really beautiful.Please let them know the quilt is in his precious music/writing room and he loves it. I have to say, if it wasn’t so Bolton specific, I would have incredible quilt envy as I LOVE quilts (who doesn’t) and this one is really well done.  Everyone in his family loves it..he has been traveling so much that he has not been home much, but next time I promise we will get a picture of him with the quilt.

I'm so happy that he likes it!  So many people put so much effort into this, and each piece is like a little piece of someone's heart.  Plus, it's incredibly personal, with pics of his family & fans, etc.  I know a lot of stars auction off many of their gifts to raise funds for charity, and give things to children's hospitals & such, but I'm glad to hear he put this in his music-writing room.  A little reminder of how much so many treasure his songs.  Hope it inspires him to write more - his own songs are always the best!  And there certainly will never be another wallhanging like this one!

Thanks so much Gail & staff for letting us know he got it, likes it, and keeps it close.

Best regards, Amie, and thanks to everyone who contributed to this extraordinary wallhanging for Michael.

Hey Amie, thank you too for making our efforts come alive: we couldn't have done it without you! :D Take care sweetie. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hey Amie, now you have to go see Taryn's new Shop! Come back and tell Us all about it:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!


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