Just seen on Ryans  page on facebook that Brighton show is cancelled .So sorry if this is true for all those who have tickets .  :-(

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Ah ,this has been confirmed on Mb page on Facebook.
I'm not seeing this Sharon...can you tell me where it says it is cancelled? Thanks, Gail
Gail, I couldn't see it on facebook either but it is on the dome website http://www.brightondome.org/
Hi Oz and Kay, at least, there’s a chance Michael will reschedule, which is much better news than having tickets in hand and not being able to go because of the weather, isn’t it? I’m glad that at least, your tickets will be refunded. I know Helen had mentioned in her last review that Michael looked a bit under the weather. Oh I hope he feels better soon… Well good luck to you guys for the rescheduling! Take care girls. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks for that Silvie. Your a very sweethearted lady. I posted yesterday that it'd be good if Michael postponed/rescheduled but I hoped it'd be because of the weather not because he's under the weather!!! So Im sad he's ill & I wish him a very speedy recovery but I'm also very glad we didn't miss out on those dulcet tones filling the Brighton Dome with Love & Magic :-)

Hugs right back atcha x
yes this was on the Brighton Dome web site:


We're really sorry to announce that due to illness Michael Bolton will not be appearing at Brighton Dome tonight. Tickets holders will be given further information as soon as possible.

sorry to hear MB is not well, hope Michael feels better soon.
Poor Michael! Guess with this crazy winter weather, he must have caught a cold or has a sore throat. Hope he gets better soon!!

We're still in with a chance on this gig Oz. Got an email from the Dome saying; We are awaiting for news on the possibility of rescheduling but full refunds are
available to ticket holders. Please contact the ticket office on 01273 709709
tomorrow for more information.

KD x
Please don't refund if there is a chance of rescheduled date, if you look at his tours dates, there is a gap between Germany and Taiwan, I know Christmas is around then too, but you never know he may come back before going off back home, at least I hope he does! please call me (don't worry about waking me up!) tomorrow when you find out!
Don't panic lovely lady. That's why I said we're still in with a chance on this gig. There's no way I'll go for a refund while there's a chance of re-scheduling. No, no, no, no, no! Definately not! :-) :-) :-)
Anyway like-minds & all that, I've already checked the tour dates to see where Michael might sneak us in, hehe. So, fingers, toes, arms & legs crossed.
Will def call you tomorrow after I call the Dome.

PS. My son often says I'm obsessed with MB & I always say, no, there's a difference between being obsessed with someone & loving their voice & music. However, I will admit to behaving like a woman posessed these past few days.

Take care love x
Sorry I was hoping and praying that the weather would be better so you could go to the concert!!! I'm so sorry Michael is ill!!! I hope he gets better soon and they reschedule the concert!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Take care of yourself & get well soon Michael.

KD xxx


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