Just seen on Ryans  page on facebook that Brighton show is cancelled .So sorry if this is true for all those who have tickets .  :-(

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i knew michael was not well at bristol ,i could see and hear it :( .michael please take some rest and plenty of tlc ,i just dont want to drive to sheffield for that to be cancelled xx
Yes you were correct Helen, unfortunately... Be safe in your travels too with the weather there!
Thanks for reporting in to us.
Robin :)
I am soo sorry. But this horrible weather is so bad for the health. Michael, take care, please... and rest and use more turtleneck sweaters and thicker scarfs!!!!!! ;-)
Message from Alison Knapman in Surrey.
Keep safe and warm Michael, Get well soon, don't worry. foreverlove...Alison xxxx

Just arrived home 27 hours after leaving for the Brighton Concert!!!! It has been a nightmare journey, the coldest temperatures I have ever experienced. I had been calling the Dome right up until the minute we left and was told the show was still on, I had also been checking the web site and this site on my Blackberry while we travelled down, so assumed all was ok. When we eventually arrived at the venue after so many delays we were told it was cancelled. We were told by the staff that Michael arrived at the venue but was too poorly to perform and the show was cancelled at 5.30 pm.

Our 250 miles round trip has taken us 27 hours!!. I'm not angry, but so very very disappointed and upset that after the worst journey I have ever experienced I didn't even get to see Michael perform. That would have at least made the delays, the snow and the freezing temperatures a little easier to bear. This had been the most amazing tour I can ever remember Michael doing, and I have been going to see him for 20 years, but feel so upset now and will emember it for all the wrong reasons.

Get well soon Michael and take better care of yourself please and maybe consider touring the UK in the warmer months!!! Some of us are getting too old to spend that much time in the cold.

Ah Carol.Im so sorry that this happened .Im glad that you are so understanding about it and dont blame Michael as im sure some people will.We all know he only ever cancels in extreme circumstances..I really hope you get a re scheduled gig .Keep warm.xx

So sorry you had such a terrible journey. I was also trying to get to Brighton yesterday. I kept phoning Brighton and was told the concert was still on. I got as far as Victoria Station and was advised by the staff at the ticket office that it was doubtful we would get back last night. After standing around trying to decide whether to go or not, we agreed to cut our losses and head home. Thank goodness we did. 10 minutes into our journey home I had a text message from Brighton to say the concert was cancelled. Seeing the weather reports today, I think we may have been stuck anywhere between Brighton and London if we had decided to go.

Obviously I am very sorry that Michael is ill. Is it any wonder? Hopefully, he may decide to come over when the weather is better - it was lovely when he was at Hampton Court.

Keep warm.

Safe journeys, if you are travelling anywhere.

I so wish I had stuck with my idea on Wednesday morning not to go, but being a fan we do all we can to support Michael, and we just love his shows. I am disappointed that there has been no update on here to let us know how he is and also an apology for those of us that tried our hardest to get there.

I know what you mean. There have been some comments from fans with tickets for Sheffield tonight. That's still on apparently, but so many people just won't be able to get there!!! Hope they don't have terrible journeys like you did. Some sort of explanation would be nice. Michael always says how much he appreciates his British fans - and he does seem to enjoy himself here - but we're always the ones standing out in the cold waiting for a chance to see him, only for him to be whisked away by his bodyguard. Sometimes it does get a bit frustrating. He says one thing, then does the opposite. Still, never mind, as long as he continues visiting the UK, we will strive to get to his concerts, whenever and wherever they are. I only wish him well and all good things in life.

Good luck to anyone trying to get to any of his concerts.

Sorry to hear of your 27hour journey.
We drove down from Norwich, had hotel booked for night, but then had to stay another night because all the motorways were too dangerouse to drive or the exits were closed.Not a good experience.
5.30 was TOOOOOOO late to cancel!! We are still very disappointed, best wishes to all, Eileen
hi just to say that i rung brighton the other day and they said brighton is not getting re booked im so sad about it i did think it would get rebooked :( that would have made my 20th concert this year .
I still have hope, hope and belief in MB to come back next year and make up the Brighton date!


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