Just seen on Ryans  page on facebook that Brighton show is cancelled .So sorry if this is true for all those who have tickets .  :-(

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Hi Eileen -  have just posted a reply to Carole above.  Hope to see you and Phil soon - will give Michael a miss next time though !! Lesley


Hi Carole - My journey experience was very similar to yours.  Me and a friend risked life and limb to get to see Michael only to be told when arriving at the theatre that the show was cancelled.  I am afraid that I cannot be as gracious as you.  I and my friend who had travelled down from Norfolk, were angry.  We all get sick, but a professional, such as Michael, must have know well before that he was not well enough to perform.  I undersand from the box office that he did in fact do a sound check.  Could it be that he thought there would not be enough people to perform to in view of the weather !!  Not good enough.  In addition I was advised not to travel home the next day; had to spend a lot of money to stay another night, and to add insult to injury was sideswiped by a very large lorry who hit and run on the way home!  It could have been worse, but I am still not amused !!


Hi Lesley,

I'm so sorry about your journey and travel nightmare, I know exactly how that feels and completely understand your frustration. I hate thinking about it even now to be honest. I do agree with you that cancelling the show 2 hours before is too late but I honestly think Michael thought he could go on.  The fact that he turned up at the venue means he thought he could perform, I guess he just couldn't sing when he did the sound check. I truely believe he was too poorly to perform because the show in Sheffield wasn't cancelled and the conditions were terrible up there. Many fans couldn't travel and the promotors said they wouldn't cancel the show because of that.

We were left out of pocket with additional expenses because of the snow too and I am a little cross about that but to be honest there really isn't anything that can be done about the extreme weather conditions that night. It's something we will have to put down to experience and hopefully one day we will look back and laugh (you never know, we might) Thankfully you eventually got home safely.  

Don't know about you but I will seriously think twice about booking anything where I have to travel any distance to in the winter in future.

Take care and keep warm, the snow is on it's way back again i'm afraid.


Hi Carole = thank you for your very nice reply.  I have really upset someone called Sharon - but heh ho life is too short to hold a grudge.  Have got over it now, and as you say, have put it down to experience.

Take care, and have a great Christmas and new year.


Leslie you havent upset me at all.I just wanted to set things straight .No problem on my part and really hope you dont take it personal as thats not the way it was meant .xx

i totally agree with you!!  our venture was a nightmare from start to finish....but, as us Brits do, we soldier on undeterred. We ended up travelling to brighton, to watch Im a celebrity on the hotel tele....!!  waste of time and money, and i cant find any apology - nothing?? my husband doesnt even like him, so it all ended up horrible. I agree with wot u said about "not enough people", thats wot i think.....i sent an email to his fan-club, but not had a reply.....not good enough!!  By the way..... i think we should all get free tickets for next yrs show, hopefully at the albert hall......doubt it somehow!!!!!

Hi Gillian = What a good idea - free tickets - in the summer would be good lol .   I am glad someone agrees with me.  I really upset someone called Sharon - such venom in her reply lol.  Anyway, I do hope that your Christmas and new year make up for your dissapointment and that your husband forgives you = take care, Lesley

Hi Carole - We too had a similar journey experience.  I and a friend battled through the weather conditiions, risked life and limb, to see Michael.  We were not amused to be told when we arrived at the theatre that he had cancelled 2 hours before.  I would have thought that a professional such as Michael would have know well before then that he was not well enough to perform.  Could it be that he thought there would not be enough people to perform to??  Not good enough.   To add insult to injury I had to stay another night because of continued weather conditions and on the way home was sideswiped by a large lorry who hit and run !!  A very expensive experience !  I cannot be as gracious as you - I am angry !!  Both my friend and I have said that we will not bother any more.  Sorry Michael, you are off our christmas card list !



Probably going to get a lot of abuse for this but I can't keep quiet any longer. If it had been one of the concerts I went to that got cancelled, of course, I would have been deeply upset. I rely on public transport, which didn't run smoothly because of the weather and which also means I have to pay out for a hotel room every time as the trains just don't run late enough. I would have been deeply upset at missing the concert and also very 'out of pocket'. BUT, we are talking about a man's health here. Surely thats far more important. As someone else has already said, although he was putting on great shows, you could hear that he wasn't 100%. But at least he persevered. There comes a point where, to carry on performing , you would only aggravate the situation and therefore extend the severity and recovery time of the illness. Give the man a break, he does a fantastic job. He got ill, he's human( not a commodity- purely for our entertainment!), get over it. I am a fan and always will be. ( sorry(to other fans) for the long rant- was getting a little wound up!)

Go Girl,  


I love a good "rant" too - my friends here all know that !!!!!  - I should love to here from all the fans that have had tickets for Michael`s shows and because of illness they haven`t been able to attend - has he complained !!!!!!!!!!!!   They have still lost their damn money and never got to see him  !!!!!   How about just wishing the guy well and hoping and praying that we will all see him again - you know - for each second that goes by a lot of us don`t see the next one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sylvia.   Wee Scottish friend.

I think that was very well put Louise and I totally agree with you.


You are absolutely correct in saying that Michael is not a commodity, he is a human being as as such will get poorly from time to time. We do, so why shouldnt he? I believe that sometime as fans we all lose sight of the fact that he is not our property, he is a human being who ALWAYS strives to do his best NOT to dissapoint his fans!!


Yes, it is unfortunate and horrible that people have lost money on hotel stays and travel expenses, but what do you expect to happen from your complaints? I dont think that realistically you can expect to have free tickets to another concert can you?  The man was ill and TOLD by a medical professional DO NOT PERFOM!!


Michael was obviously trying his best to put the concert on because he attended a sound check and sometimes he doesnt attend that. He didnt attend the soundcheck at the RAH and we know, because we were there!!


Such is life and such is Michaels determination not to let his fans down. He tried to perform, but physically just couldnt do it and I'm sure that you wouldnt have wanted him to if it meant he was going to risk making himself even worse would you?


Dont get me wrong, I am truly very, very sorry that you were all dissapointed and didnt get to see Michael perform and it is extremely unfortunate that you had to spend extra money on another hotel stay, but atleast you were in comfortable surroundings and  werent totally stranded or had to sleep in your car unlike another fan I know after the Sheffield concert was cancelled!! She was alone, very frightened and only had a coat to keep her warm all night!!


For me Michaels health is far more important and his voice is his career and what we all love him for isnt it? If that goes, none of us would ever ever get to see him perform again would we? How would we feel knowing that we would NEVER get to see him ever again? No more CD's, videos, dvd's etc..etc.. I know I'd be truly devastated to the core!!


I very much doubt if Michael decided not to perform because the audience might have been too small, and as fans, you should know that he thrives on performing in more personal intimate surroundings.


Complaining may make you feel better, but it wont get you anywhere or anything and none of this is Michaels fault, good grief, have aheart, the man was ill and is STILL poorly, get over it!! 


I am fed up of people moaning, its happened, lets move on. and celebrate that he is happily on the mend now.


We are very fortunate in the UK. Michael loves it over here and we get to see him on averge every 18 months or so. Some fans in other Country's have NEVER had the good fortune to enjoy a live Michael Bolton concert. Lets count our lucky stars at how lucky we really really are!!



 I'm sorry if my oppinions upset any of you, but these are just that..my oppinions!

I agree with Jenn and Juliet...  My friend (may she rest in peace) and I were going to see Phil Collins at Madison Square Garden years ago, and the show got cancelled at the last minute because Phil also got sick.  He did the show the evening before, but must have gotten ill overnight.  So we got our money back and that was it..... I was disappointed, but I did not turn it into a tradgey.


Michael is human and needs to get some R and R.  Remember when he was on Dancing With the Stars and even then he got ill.  Between his tour and dancing, he over did himself and got sick.  So the poor guys needs to get well and "Get back on his feet again".

So hope he gets well soon!!





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