Bruno owes an public apology to Michael Bolton.There is no excuse for his rude remarks.He should have given Michel more encouragement.Margaret on her first dance,the first week of the show he said to her what the hell was that.He needs to cool it.Margaret should have gone home first with that clown dance she got a 15 score.So did the Hoff and Situation all had 15 score.She should have been the first to go in my book.I though Michael when you got the song hound dog you would shake those hips a bit more and really let loose and relax and shake what what your momma gave you.I voted for you both times.I just wish they bring you back and give you another try.I use to be a dancer.I took tap,ballet,and jazz classes back in the 1970-1981.I wore toe ballet shoes.I can't dance any more due to my multiple sclerosis I have had since 1987.I love your music,and Trace Adkins,The Osmonds I have been following them since the 1970's.Then you came along and now I am a fan of yours,and Trace Adkins.I guess I love those tall hand some type.Hope you are better with your voice.Stay healthy and I love you.Pamela Hastings,

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You and half the country agree, Monday's post on ABC forum agreed, but this mornings (Wed) ABC posts go about 50 - 50. Let Bruno go to Fox where Simon left least with Simon he was consistent, everyone knew what to expect with him.

Bruno was simply too harsh, if he doesn't think so then why are their so many people upset about his comments, even the celebrities thought so...
where are we now in the world where rudeness behavior is acceptable, is this what we want to teach our kids?...everything now is "tell it like it is" thanks but no thanks, whatever happend to the manners our mothers instilled in us??????
I agree with you totally, Bruno owes Michael a public apology big time. He treated our dear Michael appallingly, and should not be allowed to get away with it. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TREAT HIM LIKE THAT.

Sandra x
Same thing happened when Billy Ray Cyrus was on the show. His Dad was a huge fan of DWTS and he had just passed away. So he thought to do it for his Dad, and to face his fear of dancing. Well, he was really bad. And he knew it, he was just waiting to be voted off, but his HUGE fan base kept him in. The judges acted like it was his fault that other people were being voted off instead of him and they got pretty ugly with him. After his score, he just walked out,but came back for the result show. And he made the same remarks that Michael did, that he should have been treated with more respect. I don't remember if the judges did anything, like apologize, or not.
I used to like Bruno and i knew he gave people quite negative comments. But come on Talking to Michael like that is unacceptable and out of order. He definately owes Michael an apology. Im glad Len Goodman gave Bruno a good talking too and im glad Michael stuck up for himself. We are all proud of Michael and his efforts and that's all that matters. WELL DONE MICHAEL.x

Chelsea.x,,20430334,00.html people has a poll on weather Bruno owes Michael an apology. This is from a respected mag. so lets show them what we think :)
almost 24 hours have passed and I'd like to have my say on this whole DWTS thing before moving on with Michael to another part, hopefully a more rewarding one, of his great journey as an artist. When I heard that he was eliminated I first felt sorry for him, but also sad, and angry. Almost as if someone of my close family had been unfairly hurt or humiliated. I was sad and angry not so much because Michael got these comments by this no one Italian guy, but because he had worked hard, been authentic and honest towards himself and the show by working his butt off, by trusting his partner, by doing the choreography he was told to do, and came out as some kind of fool instead of getting a positive reward from all his effort and sincerety... But Reality TV is not about true, genuine persons like him : it's about calculated moves and words.... So my first reaction was : Michael should have never gotten into this... It was a bad career move and he's lost a lot and gained nothing going in there... Then I started to take things with more detachment, and I changed my mind : MB has gained a lot through this nightmare of a routine, because he showed to America what a true gentleman and professional he is. And judging by reactions of his fellw castmates and pro dancers, and viewers, the majority understood this and stands for him. Let's face it : sooner or later, MB would have been quietly eliminated of this show, without much publicity. But "thanks" to Bruno's nasty attitude, Michael became the "event" of the show and he got compassion from many, and showed what a great person he is. This show is also about publicity, and I guess if Michael agreed to do it, it was also to have a new occasion on being "spotlighted" on national TV and remind everybody who he is and why he's a really great artist and person. Publicity, bad or good, is publicity, and not everyone gets humiliated like he was before 20 million people, especilally when you are a Musical Legend in your own field. But not everybody also gets the occasion to react as cleverly as he did in front of 20 million people. Michael took this seriously, he worked hard, and people are no idiots : they saw and felt it, even if his dance was not the best. It was not the worst either, as many faithful viewers of this show have said.... So in the end, even with this tough moment for him, going there was a good career move I think, even if he I felt bad to see him sad and disappointed on national Tv in front of millions of people. I hope Michael takes full advantage of this in weeks to come, doing TV shows and press about this whole thing. As for me, a fan of his since I was 15, I'm more than happy to have given so much of my respect, admiration (and money !) to a man who is not only an amazing talent, but also a real man, a true person. We are used to ee Michael in full force when he sings. That's his game, he dominates it. Here, we got to see a more vulnerable side of him, and there's nothing wrong with that. Je's not made of steel like his song said, and I like him all the more for that. Now I'm hoping for just one last thing : that Michael gets invited to sing on DWTS, the day his new Christmas album comes out. That Chelsie and Mark Ballas will dance on his song. And that Michael will hit some of these incredible notes right in Bruno's face to show him what REAL talent is all about !
Ditto fellow fans...

Bruno's crude outburst is an example of the weakness and unacceptable behavior plaguing our society.
On the other hand, Michael's composure and dignity throughout this entire ordeal is as example of shining strength and genuine greatness that prevails.

Michael's mother has done a superb job of parenting! She must be an amazing lady to have raised such an outstanding gentleman. Chivalry is not dead!

My heart goes out to Michael for having to be subjected to everything he is against. How unfortunate that Bruno's deep-seated emotional issues had to come to full bloom on Michael. How fortunate we all witnessed a true life hero in action, standing tall, proud and forthright in defense.

I truly believe ABC and DWTS need to set the record straight - I say BYE-BYE BULLY BRUNO and BRING BACK BOLTON!
Bruno was rude??? Gee now Michael knows how it feels to be treated rudely. Those of us that got blown off by Michael at the Warner Theater meet and greet this year have ZERO sympathy. Sure you can sing but you sure can't dance and Bruno was right. Have you blown off any meet and greets lately???
Before you blame Michael, can you 100% guarantee that the reason that Michael didnt meet with you was totally his fault? No!

Do you know the reason why Michael didnt meet with you?

As I remember it, I believe that neither Michael nor his manager Tim were even aware that a meet and greet had been promised by the venue and didnt find out about it until just as they all arrived at the venue. Time restrictions just didnt allow with Michaels strict flight timetable in order to get to the next concert, the M&G couldnt possibly go ahead. Michael often flies out to the next location in the middle of the night and if you have a flight booked, you are limited to a time table for check in etc..(I believe this to be the case as I have never flown before)

I have heard that another fan contacted the venue and got her money back, but I dont know exactly how or if it was a total refund.

Speaking as someone who has met with Michael on several ocassions and as someone who has witnessed for herself how strict the time limits really are backstage, I can guarantee, with my hand on my heart that Michael would NEVER knowingly or deliberately upset, let down or 'blow off' a fan who had come for a meet and greet. Sadly, Michael is contracturably bound to meet with PR gurus and publicitiy moguls after each concert and fulful contracts for interviews etc...

I do remember that Michael as very upset that fans were dissapointed after this event, but if he had stayed for a meet and greet, he may have risked missing his flight and that would have resulted in him let down a whole lot more fans by not arriving on time for the next concert.

I hope this goes some way to explain the situation for you.

Exactly Juliet. At Hampton court Juliet and I were given backstage passes, but were unable to meet with Michael due to the VERY strict time constraints.

Infact, we could see him through the window talking to his daughter Isa who we had previously met up with for dinner, and even she came back out and said that he was really really sorry. He later contacted us both to thank us for our understanding and to apologise for not meeting with us. These are not the actions of a rude man or of someone who doesnt care eh?

Yes, we were very dissappointed, but we understood that it wasnt Michaels will never be due to Michael....NEVER!

Jennifer XX

PS Brilliant news about you seeing the questions. I dont know how my interview will pan out yet, so not sure if I can get any publicitiy in yet!! I will try though!! Tee Hee!!
So true Jenn.I was with you that night as were some others from here .We went back hoping to meet with Michael and it just didnt happen,That was even after his daughter had arranged for us to go backstage ,if she cant do it for us what chance does anyone else have.Of course i was disappointed but it would have been an added bonus to the concert to have chatted with him after.I have been a fan for over 20 years and have never had a meet and greet.Im sorry that it didnt happen but you cannot blame Michael ,it was obviously just down to the time constraint which he cannot be held responsible for.Maybe next time it will happen .I hope we all get the opportunity someday.
Sharon you will get your chance to meet him one day, keep the faith!!. I've talked to him many, many times over the years and not many times backstage.. Maybe this year at the stage door he will stop and have time to sign things and chat? Never know. Depends on time he has most of all. Which isn't under his control..I wish you luck in getting to meet him!!!
Robin :)


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