Bruno owes an public apology to Michael Bolton.There is no excuse for his rude remarks.He should have given Michel more encouragement.Margaret on her first dance,the first week of the show he said to her what the hell was that.He needs to cool it.Margaret should have gone home first with that clown dance she got a 15 score.So did the Hoff and Situation all had 15 score.She should have been the first to go in my book.I though Michael when you got the song hound dog you would shake those hips a bit more and really let loose and relax and shake what what your momma gave you.I voted for you both times.I just wish they bring you back and give you another try.I use to be a dancer.I took tap,ballet,and jazz classes back in the 1970-1981.I wore toe ballet shoes.I can't dance any more due to my multiple sclerosis I have had since 1987.I love your music,and Trace Adkins,The Osmonds I have been following them since the 1970's.Then you came along and now I am a fan of yours,and Trace Adkins.I guess I love those tall hand some type.Hope you are better with your voice.Stay healthy and I love you.Pamela Hastings,

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I think you are so right. Sharon will indeed get to meet Michael one day of that I'm certain.

It may not be for very long perhaps just a minute or two, but I'm certain that you will meet him.

Yes, time is a serious contender backstage. At the Royal Albert Hall in London time is usually very ,very tight because he always has loads of promoters and radio station DJ's etc to meet with.

There are always loads of people waiting to meet with Michael. People from local business' like the man who owns the restaurant where Michael likes to eat after the show. We've become good friends now so we always end up having a chat backstage.

I've waited for over an hour sometimes for my meetings with him and Michael is always as polite as if I'm the first fan he's ever met. He must meet thousands of fans, but he is polite, kind and really very, very lovely. He always opens the door for my wheelchair and holds my bag so that I can get my bits out for him to sign. He always appreciates the gifts that I bring for him.
He checks the photographs to make sure that they are ok and always signs with his own sharpie pen because he knows that these are the best for drying quickly without smudging.

It's like a huge social event backstage because after I've met with Michael, we always chat with the band members and have photos taken with them too. Mind you, this was when Jason, Chris, Land Janis etc.. were in the band. I dont know what it will be like this year when I'm back stage.

Sharon, one day we'll get you to meet the man, I'm certain of that!!

Love Jennifer XX
Yes back in the good old days we've had fun backstage with the band many times, not had passes for MB but band passes over the years and it was a blast...good memories....When I've been able to see MB-He's so kind to everyone, we had a blast last spring and when MB saw us he just welcomed us like old friends...very warm welcome always...Tim and I had a nice chat too, we all did.. Was a great time for my friends and I. MB asked questions of us/we all got to laughing and he listened to what we said like you know he does..He is so attentive and sweet. He had to go make a call after he saw us but he still took time to then sign things and Tim gave them back to us. Which gave us time to chat with Tim about the album.

MB has to do business backstage and that takes time..Every venue is most likely different and situation different for him each night. He has been kind and sweet the few times I've seen him backstage, this last time he made sure we were last to see him after the people that paid via PBS to see him. He evidently checked his guest list that night. But every night the circumstances he's walking into will be very different for him and his staff.

And to me backstage isn't always the best time to see him, I've enjoyed the charity events, or other appearances/events where he's not under that "backstage" type situation. Just enjoying a golf event or whatever..Hard to explain but we've had fun over the years seeing him at different events.

Maybe something will come up Sharon other than the concert backstage situation for you to meet him too!! Never know!!

Robin :)
Maybe there is connection between all his time constraints and having to blow off his fans all the time. It's no secret that he can't even sell out the small venues anymore. There is no excuse for him or his manager NOT to know what's going on. Usually artists in the twilight of their careers go out of their way for fans. Not Michael. The only reason he went on DWTS was to boost concert ticket sales. Don't think it worked.
Jen, I'm not going to tell you not to be upset about the meet and greet because that would be useless I know. It is upsetting no matter what the reason.

The reason Jennifer gave you is correct though. The meet and greet was set up by the venue with Michael's management (which is no longer his management at this time) and Michael and his tour manager were not aware of it. When they got there they were a bit surprised and if I'm not mistaken did meet with some of the people who had paid for the meet and greet. I'm not sure how it worked but do know some of the members of this forum had tickets and reported back what you are saying but Michael did meet very briefly with what he thought was all of those who had the m&g tickets. Anyone else here that was at the concert in Torrington, CT...let Jen hear from you here on what you experienced. Thanks


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