Good evening everyone.

How about we request a special radio tribute to Michael on 26 February?  Think Radio 2 the most likely to respond but which DJ shall we pester?  Steve Wright's had Michael as guest a few times, so he's a possible. 

If you like the idea, suggestions please, and we'll start a campaign.

Margaret in Kent

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Hi Kathleen and I think that is a brilliant idea and maybe we should go for a whole Michael Bolton day on the radio in honour of his 60th !!!! LOL.   I do certainly like the idea and like also where you suggest Steve Wright on Radio 2 and over next couple of days will look into means and methods of getting word to him.    Should maybe put that idea out on my FB page for Michael and suggest that it is done, not only here in the UK, but those from other countries could start "pestering" their radio stations to do something in honour of him on 26th have certainly set the little wheels and cogs into motion Kathleen by that suggestion and I like it a lot !!!! :)    Now how about all of you on here from the States, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, China, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Afghanistan, Australia and any other countries I have missed out.......start pestering local radio stations and how about asking for "Jack Sparrow" as he will have reached his 100 million by a double celebration !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia et Kathleen,

Difficult to find in France a station that broadcasts Michael. Chérie Fm or Nostalgia, WAMLAW, but the mission seems difficult. I'll let you know. Have a good day 

Hi Margaret, I think Steve Wright is the best one......he actually played SILYBIL the other day!  Possibly Ken Bruce as well. 

Jody x

Hi Margaret in Kent,

That is a fabulous idea, I did that once in Buellton CA, called all the radio stations in my area when Timeless the Classics was released and told them all to get the albumn and play it for me, some of them did just that and a few even dedicated them to me! I don't know this area very well yet, but will see if I can call a few to get them to play on Michael's Birthday here in Indiana.

Thanks and Have a Great Day!


Well, not a resounding response - where are you all hiding?

I've emailed Steve Wright today, asking for a slot for a tribute.  Will wait to see if I get a response, but will have another go if not.  Don't want to be too pushy, it's counter-productive. 

Good to hear from you, Jody. Remember all those years ago when we celebrated Michael's birthday at your house, ate "American" food and you made that lovely cake?  Those were joyous times.  Hope to see you again when Michael comes to visit the UK again.  It's got to be this year, hasn't it?

Margaret in Kent

Hi Margaret and I have to admit I thought everyone had abandoned this thread too but I sent a message to Steve Wright about a couple of weeks ago now with suggestion for birthday tribute and mentioned book and new CD too.....get the plugs in !!! :)   Thought of sending another message in about a week, just to remind him that MB's birthday was getting nearer and hope the turntables were set !! lol   Like the idea of Ken Bruce too and must admit I quite like his show and I have a shop here where I live and they always have him on so I kid on I'm looking at stuff but am really walking round listening to the radio!!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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