He's 61 and obviously nobody expects him to have that 'over the top' power he had during his prime, but can Michael still hit the notes? For example, he still sings Said I Loved You...But I Lied in its original key, but if you listen carefully the last "You are the one You are the one" (right before he goes a key higher on "Said I Loved You...") is quite different than the one in original recording (1993). On the studio version he recorded with Agnes Monica he does hit up...but he doesn't do it live.

Something wrong?

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Hi again Richard and I wouldn't be inclined to think "something wrong" but possibly just his voice has changed ever so slightly with age but as everyone's does then Michael's is bound to also.   I believe though that his voice, for a 61 year old, nearly 62, is absolutely and utterly remarkable and definitely shows that if you take care and respect those vocal chords they, in turn, will continue to allow you to do and give what you want to.  Believe Michael's voice has a long way to run before there is any significant change that may make him stop singing, a long, long way to run !!! :)

Thanks for sharing with us your observation on Michael's voice as love it when someone can listen so closely and appreciate each and every note because whilst I appreciate his music and voice I am not that well tuned into each and every one....thanks again Richard !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thank you for the warm welcome Sylvia (:

But yes, I just miss it when he used to take it 'over the top'. I heard that actually hearing Michael sing live is spectacular. Watching Michael's 90s concert clips on Youtube alone are mind-blowing (i can imagine what it must've been like watching it live back then).

I guess Michael gets tired easily? Because personally I think he sounds better in the new studio version of Said I Loved You (w/ Agnes Monica)..T.T

Richard, thanks for coming in with your thoughts.  That's what keeps this place going!! I think if you read back over Michael's past interviews you will see where he says when he took voice lessons to sing opera he learned  some ways to save his voice and that the way he was doing it was not always the right way. I don't think anyone sings a song exactly the same way every time live.  The recording in the studio was done over several sessions so you can do that a bit differently...singing live is another story when you are singin for 2 hours straight...and sure by the end he is tired wouldn't you be?  You need to go see him live if you ever have the opportunity...he will blow your socks off!! ;)

Very well said Gail. I totally agree.  Nothing like hearing Michael sing live!! He will blow you away!!!!!!

Robin in MD :)

More than welcome Richard and as Gail says people like you coming in help and make this place keep going and that is what it is here for to come in and talk about Michael.  As has been said you do need to go and see him live, you definitely do !!! :)  I've been a fan for a little over 25 years and this year was first time I had seen him live and WOW....blow your socks off right enough, especially when you hear The Prayer or Nessun Dorma apart from everything else....double WOW !!!  I was fortunate to be able to go to six shows and the set list did change slightly within the six so I had chance to hear quite a few songs, including Jack Sparrow, and of course with the six there was the six different venues with their very own special and wonderful acoustics which made each show different as well but a wonderful experience and I certainly hope to do it again one day and I hope, without doubt, that you get opportunity to go and hear him live as well, I really do.....make it a wish for 2015, eh ????? :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Richard, welcome to the forum and thanks for starting this thread! In answer to your question:

“The prayer” published Nov 21 2014


Note that I’m making an exception, because Michael doesn’t want us to post videos any more. Now, I’m glad you take under consideration that Michael is 61, but if you have doubts, go to Chideo.org and sign up to check out his videos. I think you have to pay $1 to see each video and it goes to his charity. He has a video of doing his vocal warm-ups. Michael does those every day to maintain his power and flexibility and in order to be able to continue sharing his gift for many years to come, he has to manage what’s enough or too much. The fact that he sounds so awesome on the version with Agnes Monica is that he’s been singing that song for so many years now, that he knows how to ornament it to bring the best out of it. To me, just the end is worth the price! :D Anyway, hope that answers your question. Thanks again for sharing, it’s always nice to meet someone who’s so in tuned to Michael’s voice. :D Take care Richard. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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