I hope everyone will check out this Christmas video by Michaels friend, Doug James. Please share it and I hope you can give it a thumbs up.




 Also, if you go to Dougs website, you can find a few stories and pictures of Michael and Doug, like I've posted below.




"Song of the Year" - With Michael at the BMI Awards
As I remember it, we were first introduced up in the CBS Songs office and then pretty much thrown into a room and told to write something. Over the next couple of years, there'd be quite a few, but "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" was the first song we wrote together. More about that later.


Hopefully you will like Dougs music, he has a few songs on his website. He is also working on a video for Valentines Day. I think the song for this is beautiful. I hope you can add DougJamesKeithMack to your subscribed  videos on YouTube.


Please enjoy. And Happy Holidays.

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Hi MyScrtpssn,

Thanks for the links for those who can't get them to work here they are





Thanks again I have had a little listen sounds good to me will have a better listen later :)
Thanks again

Dianna xxx


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