Helen has very kindly shared her photos of one of the Portugal concerts and someone has posted a really nasty comment about them. (see above link)


I am truly shocked how rude some people can be!!


Love Jennifer XX

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I don't understand it....what was wrong with the pictures?!?!?  At least Helen was nice enough to share them with us!!!


Thanks Helen!!




I am sorry for Helen. She did her best to take these photos, I know what I am saying.

Sorry,but I always say what I think. If it wasn't to give honest opinions wouldn't have me registered.

As I said earlier,I didn't the photos of Póvoa's Casino.

I think they aren't favored.

I saw this concert and I was saddened by the photographs published.

If you notice there are many nice comments about others.

The comment was very nasty just because he said the photos were horrible?

Again,pardon my honest opinion.


Just a thought, you do understand that the photos in the gallery were taken by another fan on an ordinary pocket camera dont you and were not the professional photos taken by the media or newspapers?


You are correct about your comment being nasty, thats very true.  And yes, there are many nice comments because although the photos arent of professional quality, they were taken to share with love and kindness with other fans who would appreciate the efforts that Helen went through to take them and share them with us.




Michael would never say such a thing about a dedicated fans photos. A fan who follows him on his tour all over the world. Michael knows of Helen quite well and would never upset her at all, that I guarantee. The same as he would never upset any of his fans, whether he knew them well or not.


Even If Michael did they they were horrible, (which I very much doubt)  I feel sure that he would be really upset if you had repeated what would obviously have been a private comment to you!!!


I'm sorry, but I cannot pardon what you say is 'your honest oppinion', because it would have been better if you had said nothing if you didnt like them rather than upset another fan who was only doing something kind for the rest of us. You are quite at liberty to not like the photos, that is your privelige.


I understand that there is a bit of a language barrier going on here and English may not be your first language, but you must know when you are being rude dont you?


I respectfully request that you remove your comment from Helens album, as you yourself admit that it was nasty. I think that would be the best thing to d ot osave any further upset.


Thank you.

hello engenia

i just wanted to say if you set out to hurt me .Well thank you ,you did a fantastic job

im used to being hurt i handle that .But not when it comes to mb .thank you

just to let you know the photos i take are for my own personnal use and are only put on here for friends to see .

if there was an inch of truth in what you say  which i dont believe in my heart there is, i have appoligised to mb anyway

if theres one thing im sure of is that i live and breath michael and i would not do anything to upset him i would rather cut my throat .


Please, please, try not to worry Helen, darling and definately dont allow this persons comments to cause you upset or distress.


I would absolutely lay my life on the line here and guarantee that Michael hasnt even seen the photos let alone say anything derogatory about them.


Crikey, look at some of the shockers Michaels has posted for us, out of focus and blurry. Do we moan and complain? No, because we are so happy that he has taken the time and effort and is willing to share his photos with us all and that is exactly what he would think and indeed what we all think when we look at yours.


We know you took them for your personal use but the fact that you wanted to willingly share them with us is gratefully appreciated by us all.


The more I think about this, the more I'm inclined to believe that this is a confusion on Eugenias part. I feel certain that she may be thinking that these are the professional images taken for promotion purposes.


Hopefully Eugenia will come back and explain her comments further or what would be more appropriate would be for her to remove her comments completely. Personally, I'd rather the latter to happen.


Sending big hugs to you Helen and please continue to share your photos with us because we love them.


Love Jennifer XX

What ever you do Helen, please don't stop posting your pictures. Like Jennifer said, we(the fans) really do appreciate you posting them for us all to see. A picture of Michael is a picture of Michael- what more can i say! You could post a picture of his little toe and we'd still be interested! lol

Louise xxx

Helen, The pictures you took were very good!  I can't believe that this girl Eugenia would be so mean!  I too take have taken  pictures and Videos and I know that they are not all great. But feel that our true friend here want to see them so we share.  Someone so crititical  must take amazing pictures huh! lets see some of hers! And I am sure Michael would have nothing bad to say about them he is a gentle man and a loving man he would never hurt any of his fans that way!

Maybe she dreamed he said something!!

Love Eileen  xx

Helen there is no need for you to appologize to Michael, he did not and would not say such things. If any o ne should be apologizing it should be Engenia apologizing to you for saying such rubbish towards you. We love you helen and do appreciate the time, and effort of taking and sharing your photos from the concert.


Love, Shannon xx

Hi Helen,

I just want to let you know that I think your photos are great!!  I think it is very nice of you that you want to share them with us and please do not worry about anything!!

Enjoy your memories and I hope I will meet you in Antwerp :-)

Take care Helen,

Warm greetings,

Nicolette xx

Have you heard the saying, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say it at all", and the "Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Karma comes around 3 fold! Just sayin'!


I thought the photos were wonderful!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that she took the time to share them with us!! Who does this al think she is to say such nasty things!!!

Michael would never say such a thing to his fans!!!


Shannon xx


P.S. Helen thank you very much for posting your photos and taking the time to share them with us. We appreciate it!!!


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