Helen has very kindly shared her photos of one of the Portugal concerts and someone has posted a really nasty comment about them. (see above link)


I am truly shocked how rude some people can be!!


Love Jennifer XX

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Thank you to all of you for your support and kind words love you all ,its still bugging me though big time .

And louise i would to be interested in michaels little toe lol

love helen x

Wheres Sylvia nad her collection of photos when you need her??


Little toe photo please Sylvia, can you find one for us please? Ha Ha Ha!!


Love Jennifer XX

Dear Helen, your photos of Michael are really good, whoever made the comments is just someone being rude and nasty,

don,t let it get you down, people like that aren,t worth it!!

Love Sandra xx

Hi Helen,  Thank you for letting us see your photos of Michael, I enjoyed them very much.  There are some good natural pictures of him, particularly where he has received flowers from fans.  Love Linda


I love those photos too Linda. It's lovely to see Michael from different angles aswell isnt it?


Love Jennifer XX

Hi there

What ever you do Helen, please don't stop posting your pictures

I don't care about the negative comments of other fan!




Silvy XX

from Switzerland

I want to share some photos of Michael that Ashley and I took and they are  people quality like us and we love them very much and we hope you enjoy them
I hope this works but watch your ears cause Ashley is loud We love you all.

Hi Tom and Ashley,

WOW!!  What a wonderful way to start the day with your video!!  Very nice photo too!  Thank you Tom!

And you Ashley, you are a lucky girl!!  So nice Michael  blows a kiss to you!! :-)

Thanks again! xx

Warm greetings,

Nicolette from Holland




That's great! Thanks Tom and Ashley, loud is good!


thanks, well done Tom and Ashley!


Silvy XX

Thanks so much to Tom and Ashley!!!  :)





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