I'm starting this thread so our thoughts as we all start to read Michael's new book don't get all jumbled up with the promotions for the book or CD or regular info and we know where to come.  So when you read the book and want to make comments on what you thought...post them here.  Thanks, Gail

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Thank you Gail, this really makes sense. I'm looking forward to all comments and discussions. The pages I read on Amazon were more than promising. But since neither my book nor the audio edition arrived I still sit on needles and pins LOL. Astrid

Great idea Gail because, somehow, believe there will be plenty of comments......"what do you think about what he said in Chapter 1; well I never or, what about Chapter 4...wow !!".....it'll be like a "mother's meeting" and I can't wait till it all kicks off !!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


We are waiting on pins and needles and when it gets here I am going to read it to Ashley, A little bit every night at bedtime. I got a notice that it is on the way, so hopefully soon. Love you all. Dad

Great news Tom and hope it isn't long before your copy arrives and what a great way for you to read it too in sharing it with Ashley; only trouble is Tom when you get to the end you will have to start all over again for I have a feeling Ashley will have you reading that book quite a few times !! lol.

Take care Tom and love to you both !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks so much Sylvia!

Thanks for starting this thread Gail!!!!! Great idea. I won't go into too much detail till others have had a chance to read theirs too..just a few thoughts.

I finished it and started it again for a 2nd read last night. I am amazed at how MB remembers so much after all these years and who did what project with him and so many people etc.....Also too some of the things he's hinted on in the past like his many record deal failures or the legalities related to Love Is A Wonderful Thing, he went into alot more detail about those things..The book flows so well, MB really takes you along with him I think with the tone of how it's written.  You can feel what he went thru reading it. Also I'm amazed as he says he survived the hippie years..OMG.

I enjoyed it the first time thru and will enjoy it more this second time I'm sure..

Looking forward to talking more specifically here when others have read it..

Robin in MD:)

Thanks for the "tease", Robin! I can't wait to start on it this weekend!



Anna (in MO)

Hi Gail, thanks a lot for starting this thread. My hard copy is supposedly under way, not that it does me much good so I'm in the pins & needles club too. Looking forward to participate  actively in this thread! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc  Canada

Hi Gail,

Great idea, I was wondering how we were going to discuss the book after we all read it.  It needs it's own discussion thread.  And this way once we start, anyone who isn't done reading or doesn't want to see spoilers, they just shouldn't come on this thread. I have not had time to get past the first 2 chapters yet. But I plan to read all day Superbowl Sunday as I am not into watching the game! 



you are my kind of sports fan Joy Ashley and I do not watch it either. Dad

LOL Tom! Glad to know there is another non sports fan out there! I know it's almost sacrilegious to admit it in this county that I have no interest in it, but I don't! The only sport I really like (love actually) and some don't consider it a sport is figure skating.  I watch that all the time.  I have a real love for it, when I was about 10 years old I took lessons for about a year or two.  I truly loved to skate, and wondered what would have happened if I continued with the lessons.  But the rink burned down and there was no place else near by, so that was the end of that! I just skated on local frozen ponds in Jan & Feb!



Neither of you alone Joy and Tom. However, soccer was my biggee when my boys were young. I got the ball rolling and setup at the sporting goods store to sign up the youth in our area, fondly remember those days. I love to watch ice skating Joy, but never did it much myself. As for Super Bowl Sunday, I think I will move onto MBs audio. No, have not listened to any of it yet, drama in my neighborhood Friday night into yesterday :-[ Think I will move to the country and get away from all of this T-town nonsense. Maybe go and look for MBs Tidy Cats refuge, LOL....... Better yet, maybe he will be there, LOL.......Nope, the book and concerts must go on, MB.


Kathy T. :-)


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