I'm starting this thread so our thoughts as we all start to read Michael's new book don't get all jumbled up with the promotions for the book or CD or regular info and we know where to come.  So when you read the book and want to make comments on what you thought...post them here.  Thanks, Gail

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I got my audio version yesterday!!! I was so distracted with having our taxes done yesterday that I didn't open up my mail!!! What a great surprise to see MB smiling back at me. And then Bob rolling his eyes!!! LOL Fun times indeed ladies :) And oh my it has 8 cd's!!! I HAVE to take a listen to "Gotta Keep Dreamin' ".....oh my :))))) This is as multiplied as our quilt squares!!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I also got my audio book yesterday, can't wait to start listening!! I only read 3 chapters on my Kindle so far.  I kind of really want MB to read it to me the first time, so now I will really get into it.  And Kathy I just don't open up my mail in front of hubby as I know I will get rolling eyes and a few comments too!!



 Sylvie & Robin CA-Icon is a happy cartoon blue owl

sticking his hand in his mailbox, his MB mail has arrived!


Lol Joy....Bob is pretty good about it but my house has been on Bolton Breakout News for the past week or so here with all of MB's events lately!! No comments though...lol I still need to listen to the Dreamin' song :) Enjoy!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Glad to hear yours has arrived safely Joy and somehow I think that is what I will be doing and waiting for the audio book to arrive before I get stuck in at all !! :)  BTW, love the icon !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


lol another cute one Joy! XD Thanks sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Love the audio track, Gail, the entire book!!!!!!! I know everyone is anxious to receive their own audio and when you each do, ENJOY!!!!!


Kathy T. :-)

Ashley and I finished the 2nd chapter last night and she sure did a lot of giggling when I was reading about the Pot. After just reading two chapters I feel like I know Michael a lot better and I really know his mom a lot better. My first feeling about her was very good and this has reinforced what I first believed. She is a wonderful woman as well as a wonderful mom. I am really looking forward to every chapter now. Kathy say hi to my Buddy Bob!

Tom I had a feeling Ashley would understand that Michael was simply a young hip musician who was doing what his peers were doing. Sort of like her special drink at the El Dorado Lounge!! Remember??? That was too funny to see the reaction of the server...lol The book is FABULOUS and enjoy the rest!! I will say hi to Bob for you :) We say hi to both of you also! Take care!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Sylvie, I am watching MB on HSN with his concert.  I love MB he has a gorgeous voice and I love MOTWON. But MB singing Motwn is not my favorite.  Sylvie, I'm not sure if your famiiliar with the show Dancing With the Stars, in the US.  Let/s just say MB the goddess has no rhythm for dancing. But he more then made up for it when he came back as a guest singer to sing  HALLELUJAH.  Sylvie if you have not heard him sing this, you must go to Utube and pull it up MB singing Hallelujah at Dancing with the Stars.  It is the  most beautiful song I have ever heard MB sing.  I wish he could record it with the same choir he sang it with at DWS.  Anyway, to do Motown live, you have to have RHYTHM.  It reminded me of him on Dancing with the Stars.  Let's just say he was the first dancer vote off. LOL.  I was so excited to see him on the DWS, I was for sure to sing as well as he does he would be a great dancer.  MB looks uncomfortable singing Motown live.  Just my opinion, 

I am still savoring the last two chapters of the book waiting for others to check in.,


Hi Debbie and think we are going to have to agree to disagree for I thought Michael outshone the greats of Motown !!  His rendition of each and every song to me was truly fantastic and uncomfortable he was not....Michael pulled out all the stops and they worked for him and he was ecstatic at times for you picked up his happiness easily when you heard the way he was laughing let alone all the smiles ....Michael was more relaxed than the poor girl who was the compere and I would say that CD will, here in the UK, go straight into the top ten on its day of release and could easily hit #1......I'll eat my hat if it doesn't !!!!!! ROFL

I have had word my book is due for delivery on 14th....Valentine's Day and what a beautiful present  it will be.....the best ever and I ain't kidding !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


If I had listened to CD without watching the concert I would have enjoyed more.  Like I said MB can sing ANYTHING , but Motown just wasn't my favorite.   LOL am I going to be voted off the Island?  Ok I see we have a Sylvie and a Sylvia,,,,like Im not confused enought..LOL

and FYI,,,when MB sang Hallelujah on DWS it was suppose to be Susan Boyles singing that night with the choir.  She cancelled at the last moment (which I hear she does often), so MB pinched hit for them.  Not knowing the song etc....omg,,,him singing that song takes your breathe away.

Ok folks lets hear your opinion of the book.  Lets hear a little something more then its GREAT!!!


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