I'm starting this thread so our thoughts as we all start to read Michael's new book don't get all jumbled up with the promotions for the book or CD or regular info and we know where to come.  So when you read the book and want to make comments on what you thought...post them here.  Thanks, Gail

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Hi Debbie, you're entitled to your opinion sweetie. A friend of mine isn't crazy about "Only a woman like you" for instance but I love it so much I can't see straight, lol so it's a matter of opinion. :D Incidentally, not only is there a Sylvie, at least 2 or 3 Sylvias, but there's a Silvia and a Silvy also, which is why we try to always mention our location in our signatures. There's a whole lot of Debbies, but not many post. There are 2 Robins who post regularly, which is why they're refered to as "Robin in MD" and "Robin R" or "Robin from Ca". There are also 2 Kathy R's, but one is from Ca and the other one from Tulsa OK. We have to mention it or it gets too confusing. Hope that clears that up. ;D  Take care Debbie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi Debbie,

Will you be voted off the Island?  The Bolton Island?  LOL!!! Funny, but no.  We are all entitled to our own opinions here.  I also don't agree with you on this one, but that's OK.
To each his own.  But it's probably all us life long fans here, are in the category of "love is blind" and MB can do no wrong! I actually think I noticed in the first song where he forgot the words and messed up a bit.  Of course he just kept singing, and didn't miss a beat but I am sure of it.  I wasn't' going to even mention that, but I wonder if anyone else noticed that so I am putting it out here.

I sure didn't see what you saw, could it have been something you ate didn't agree with you. All the claws and teeth you were seeing must have beeen painful. In the middle there must have been a C for the word UCK. Just sayin.

LOL Jimmy where you from?

Miss Debbie I am from Florida and my wife is from Louisville Ky she sees red birds flying around too while riding a race horse . Love Kentucky women but also love Michael Bolton singing as others have stated. After about 20 concerts my wife thinks I'm in love with him but I assure you its all Michael's singing.

LOLthought you sounded like a Ky rival,,,LOL welcome Jimmy

Ok fans...I HAVE to post a comment here even though I haven't posted my review yet...LOL Michael was more than comfortable on stage!!! This was an extraordinary night for Michael!!! ALL the major Motown songwriters in the audience are MB's idols and you could FEEL the love between them all and Michael!!! It was sooooo thick you could cut it with a knife.!! Won't say anymore until I post my review bit I could NOT not respond to MB not feeling comfortable. Yipes....I know everyone has an opinion but I was there and the room was ROCKING!!!!! 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

OMG Kathy, without question or doubt, agree with you and I haven't even seen the man in the concert (as the majority of you know) but I have seen him looking uncomfortable, comfortable and completely and utterly in his element and Vegas night was one of those nights;  the fact he was practically taking over the job of compere showed how much he was loving every minute of it and that was maybe what threw the girl a little because he maybe wasn't supposed to do that BUT Michael, is Michael and Michael will do what Michael wants to do especially when Michael is "comfortable" !! lol.

Waiting patiently for review Kathy....you take your time !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Joy, you got snow???? I WANT SNOW !!!


Doesn't it snow in KY? Well I will give you all you want! LOL! We only got about 8-10 inches this time.  Once in 2010 we got 30 inches! That was so crazy, I was really snow bound in my house for the day.  My car was totally covered, when I opened my door it was higher than my waist!



Hey Joy,

   So you are snowed in w/Michael's book...and the memory of finally meeting him:)! You still on that Cloud girl?

I hope so! Yes it snows in Ky.  people can't drive worth a dime either...LOL...I go very slow:)! Never in a Hurry!

But we don't get 8-10 inches, thank the good lord above for that:)!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Hi Mary,

No not snowed in, we only got 8-10 " but I did get out of work for 1 day! Oh yes, I am still on the cloud!  I am not coming down, because I have a concert in 9 days (Feb.20) and the another on March 2nd!! I was visiting my Dad today and told him about the book signing, and showed him the pictures.  He said to my Mom, "Our daughter is a groupie!!!" LOL!!




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