I'm starting this thread so our thoughts as we all start to read Michael's new book don't get all jumbled up with the promotions for the book or CD or regular info and we know where to come.  So when you read the book and want to make comments on what you thought...post them here.  Thanks, Gail

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Well folks I have read it.....big deal says everyone !!! lol.    That last chapter to contain;  "wee hours of the night".......OMG just new MB had Scottish blood in him somewhere for all you have to do is add a "Mac" before Bolotin to MacBolotin and Gubin to MacGubin and who hasn't heard of such good Scottish names as those !!! LOL.

To be serious; one of the best books I have read, in a little while, and especially one of the best autobiographies, I have read, in a LONG while.   I just couldn't stop reading and felt I was holding a James Patterson, or John Grisham, novel in my hands for I had to keep turning the pages for it was so captivating and gripping that you just had to know what happened next.    On a purely book level it was wonderful for the way in which it is written is terrific and it contains everything a good book should like humour, pathos and sincerity and it is so well written that it just naturally flows.   On it being Michael's book I found his honesty heartwrenching and well understand why he said it was one of the hardest things he had done for the places it must have taken him, in the writing of, are places a great majority of people have, in their lifes, visited but they are places and events which we have the right to place on shelfs and close the door on, whereas, he chose to open every door and tell what was inside and that, for me, took a lot of strength and a very strong desire to share  and maybe as he feels he is on the back nine with nothing now to lose but everything still to gain in his life; time to clear the decks so that, hopefully, the back nine will be nothing but rewarding.    Along with his honesty came his humour and he had me laughing out loud quite a few times and I feel too that it is not just a book about his life but it contains something that Michael always tries to do and, for me whether intentionally, or not, he has achieved it in this book, because he is trying to inspire:  he is trying to inspire each and everyone of us to find and a live a dream and if we have a dream, to never give up on it and to always try in life to see the good that exists and to aim to achieve, to make that good, even better.

I just loved it and I cannot wait for my audiobook and I have also to say that whilst I love the front cover, picture on back I adore, as well as, Bill Clinton's endorsement.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


He surely wrote a book that gave alot of insight into alot of the things we've heard mentioned over the years and some not...I enjoyed it too Sylvia.. I read it twice so far!!LOL  MB is a very strong and determined person and it's amazing to me that he never gave up on his dream, no matter how many times he got knocked down..  I hope too his Back Nine are the best years yet. I'd say so far this book launch and the new CD/Motown show are a great start!!!!!

Glad you enjoyed it too.

Robin in MD:)

Kellie  , I was surprised about his relationship with Ashley Judd. I had never heard that before. She's a KENTUCKY girl you know !!!!  I knew Nicolette wasn't right for MB..LOL.  Maybe Ashley and MB will get back together now that she's divorced.  Ashley is considering running for the Kentucky House of Rep. against Mitch McConnell... you know MB would make a great democratic mate of Ashley .  

Debbie from Kentucky



No, No,Noooo to Ashley. I liked her then, but not now. They both are too busy.


read some of the book, but haven't had spare time to finish it lately, his earlier career and the begining into writing was intriging.


Glad you have a copy and do hope you get chance to finish and hope too that you are enjoying it Tish.   Paperback edition comes out in September if you would find that easier to handle and read and I am going to get an edition so that I can easily carry it with me if I do get to any concerts and hopefully maybe, just maybe manage to get close enough to ask him for autograph and have a guess where it would be going !!!!! LOL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I'm sorry if this is a repeat but I couldn't find it posted. This is an interview with  Stroumboulopoulos Tonight back in 2013 but I don't remember seeing this.This is about the book and the Jack Sparrow video

Hi Sylvia, I haven't rummaged through the other 2 threads and God bless you for checking, but I checked my 2 YouTube links from the "Canadian fans" thread last night and they both work:

Opening vocal warm up by Michael:




It was important for me to post for Canadian fans. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Sorry Sylvie didn't realize you had been back on because I deleted my comments for found other stuff about and realized I had put on wrong page for Miscellany as it is on page 150.  The link I put on doesn't work any more but one Petra found has both the warm-up and interview http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/241368258.  BTW it is also talked about on the 2013 Book thread.  I was looking through stuff because I know somewhere on here I posted a pic of Michael and George together but I cannot find it so, what thread that is on .... take your pick !!! LOL

Thanks again Gail for YouTube link ... thanks because it was a good interview and lovely listening to again !! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Gail, I posted this link and another one where Michael does warm-ups with George on November 4 2013 on the "Canadian fans" thread. It was one of the very few Canadian interviews on here and was postponed a couple of times. I didn't check if it was in the "Videos" section, but I'm sure someone missed it so thanks for posting sweetie, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada xxx

Hi Gail and Sylvie...I do remember watching this interview :) I have peeked through the entire thread and I can't believe I never gave my complete review on Soul of it All !!! Lol...there was a lot of Bolton Adventures going on for me at that time so I was a bit distracted!!!! Needless to say I LOVED the book and all 4 that I own!! Remember all the book signings? Well I participated in all the ones held near me :)))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob


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