Michael has left Europe after a wonderful month giving incredible concerts... but he has left us something not only for now, but for the rest of this new decade.
During backstage time in Milan, I asked him to think in what would be his wishes for all his fans for this new decade that we are starting in 2010. He thought on it quite well, and the result is some words in a cute design that I have for a competition here. Simple words, but filled of meaning.


Winner will win the design I show you in a lovely frame and with original words by Michael on it. I don't show you those words now because is a privilege for the winner (she or he will decide if she/he shares that with all or not). The design is A3 size, framed, and will be sending to the winner with no cost.


And what do you have to do to win? Simple. From now until the next 14th of February you just have to reply this message with your name -only your name and not in PM-. I will give a number to each one of the names (all numbers will be published on Feb 15th) in the order that the answers are posted, and the next 16th of February, a completely innocent and "apart from MB's world" hand will pick one of this numbers... and that person will be the winner. Easy, isn't it?


I wait for your names. Good luck to everyone!!!!



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