SO VERY DISAPPOINTED!!  His voice still sounded great, but we were not allowed to STAND UP and enjoy the music.  Also he made Winstar close the bar when the concert started because he did not want anyone to get up!!!  This is a small venue that holds about 2500 people.  It is my understanding that only 900 tickets were sold. 

He seemed to have an arrogant attitude in his performance.  I regret spending money on the tickets.

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I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the concert due to things other than Michael's performance. I have been at a number of concerts where the bar was open and people were drinking during Michael's performance and not only was it disturbing to me to have people walking back and forth and trying to get back to their seats after getting a drink but after a while the drinking became a problem to Michael and the band and other concert goers due to toxication. I'm not saying this would be you but there would be some and I'm sure MIchael (or whoever) was trying to avoid this. One such concert we had a woman who was so obnoxious finally security had to escort her out...she was not only bothering the concert goers but kept yelling things at Michael and he was trying to be nice and talk to her for a while but it got too much. I'm sorry you regret spending your money on Michael's concert because if you read under the concert thread there are many who feel differently...even one that posted from this same concert.

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions though as all are welcome here. Thanks, Gail
Hello L Byers,

Do you have proof that it was Michael who asked for the bar to be closed?

Hmm, I'm afraid that I believe that the closure of the bar would have had absolutely nothing to do with Michael would more likely a decision made by the venue management.

If I were a fan in the audience, I'm afraid I would have totally lost my patience if people were constantly getting up and down to walk in front of me to go to the bar and if they were drinking alcohol, not only do I think that is particularly rude and inconsiderate to the artist who is performing, but I believe it is inconsiderate to the other concert audience and a positive safety hazard!!

Personally I would refuse to move out of my seat to let someone get passed me if they kept wanting to go to the bar!! People pay good money to see artists perform and as such, why should my enjoyment be ruined just because some rude and inconsiderate person cant go without an alcoholic drink for a couple of hours??

I reckon that the closure of the bar was probably more likey to be an action by management from a experience from a recent concert where the drinkers were rowdy, rude and beligerant towards the performers and the other audience members, but if it was Michaels decision made from a previous experience, then good on him I say!!

As for the fact that you werent allowed to stand up during the concert, then this would definately be a venue decision and nothing at all to do with Michael. A lot of venues nowadays dont like the fans to stand up because it impedes on the enjoyment of fans who are unable to stand up (ie the disabled fans) and who's view would be totally blocked if the people in front were standing!!! Apart from this very valid point, some venues issue this ruling as a safety measure for YOUR OWN PROTECTION!

At EVERY other concert that I've ever known Michael to perform at where he is the sole artist appearing, he has actively encouraged his fans to stand up and go to the stage during when a man loves a woman so it definately wouldnt have been Michael to blame for this one!

I refuse point blank that Michael would EVER be arrogant at all to anybody least of all to the very fans who pay his wages!! Michael is far too polite and deeply appreciative for him t obehave like this and believe that you have totally misread the situation and are completely wrong for the origins of these points.

I'm sorry that you did not enjoy your experince, but before you blatantly blame Michael for all of this, may I suggest that you obtain some proof that these decisions were made by him and not made by the management for safety and for the considerations of other concert goers!!

Everybody else seemed to enjoy themselves at this concert so I find your report rather odd and out of place and I've read reports that stated that the venue was totally sold out? How strange??
I was at a show in AC where a couple were so drunk, and kept on drinking through the show. She was yelling really obnoxious things to Michael, while she and her man were practically having sex in thier seats. Lucky me, sat right across the aisle from them. I didn't think security would ever escort them out!! But thank goodness they did so the rest of us could enjoy the show. Not knowing this venue, I would think closing the bar was a venue decision. Kind of like Broadway. When the show is on, you can't get back into the theatre. You have to wait at the back, or in the lobby until the doors open. Other then that, all I could say was that I've always seen Michael ask his audience to particpat or come to the stage. I have also been to shows where venues didn't allow that.
I have to agree with you ladies. I actually had to get the attention of one of Michael's stage people because a woman was so drunk and causing problems. We were at the front of the stage at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood and this woman was making rude comments and STEALING the flowers from a young lady next to me. The young lady happened to be Taryn!!!! Both Holly and Taryn were standing next to me and I offered to switch places with Taryn so she could keep the rest of her flowers. Then I called the stage worker and security was there in seconds to remove her and her male friend. So it is the DRUNK people who cause the rules to be changed and rightly so!!! I have also been stepped on by drunk concert goers who are constantly up and down to refill their dang cups. No sympathy from me where out of control drinking is involved. And if one rather be safe than sorry and CLOSE the bar....yippee!!!! my
I will believe Linda K.' s version of the concert over what was written above :)
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Thank you Kathy for placing your report of a previous event here. I find it hard to believe that people would pay good money for a seat and then show themselves up in this manner in front of the man of whom they are supposed to be a fan of? I'm so glad that I'm Tee Total. Ha Ha!

I knew that this poster was mistaken...I just knew it!

I've met Michaal on several ocassions and have NEVER EVER known him to be anything, but the epitomy of politeness and good manners to his fans even when it was plain to see that he was tired and was craving his bed and a rather enthusiastic and excited fan (me!!) cant stop talking or wont let him out of her cuddle!! (Sorry Michael XX)

Thank goodness Linda K posted her very positive review in the concerts thread.

I cant believe that someone was stealing Taryns flowers? Wow!! What a total idiot!

I take all negative slants upon Michael very personally I'm afraid and its almost as if Michael is a member of my family and I'm protecting him!!

Is that weird? Ha Ha!!

I dont really mind if it is. Michael has dragged me through some very sad and desperate situations in my life and like most of his fans, I would protect him at all costs and wont have a bad word said against him by anyone!!

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Jennifer!

I also get a bit miffed when Michael is attacked. I understand the person being upset if they couldn't get to the stage but that ISN'T Michael's fault. But to complain about the bar closing????? That person has other issues. I am not a fan of drunks or junkies....etc. They cause way too many problems. Of course this drunk had no idea who she was bothering and that is the point. THEY DON'T CARE!!!

Michael was so sweet after that fiasco at the Greek. I saw him a couple of days later on the Jay Leno Show...(.front row seats of course after camping out all day!! lol). ....and Michael leaned over to whisper to Jay during a commercial break. As he was whispering, they were both looking at me...I smiled...and then after the show Jay came up to me and said Michael want's you to have this. It was a signed CD jacket from the CD he was promoting!!!! I said why Thank You!!! Jay apologized and said the CD isn't in the case because he has all his music guests sign the actual CD and he keeps them. I told problem...I already have the CD!!! LOL Can't remember which one it was as I always go to the Leno Show when Michael is on :)

Have a blast at Michael's concert...a few days away....yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!! :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Oh wow!! Kathy, that is a beautiful story.

How amazing that Michael picked you out from the audience to gift the cd cover too? Wow!!

The last couple of times that I've met with Michael, after, he has sent me a gift to thank me for going to see him. I really treasure these as he really doesnt need to thank me at all...its me who has the need to thank him in reality!!

I like the way you say your get 'miffed' when Michael is attacked. Ha Ha! Me? I get totally 'pee'd' off with people bad mouthing him and would willingly punch anyone who says anything nasty about him and I'm not a violent person but this is how strongly I feel about him!!

God forbid me and you are ever out together and sombody bad mouths Michael eh? We'd probably floor them between us!!! (I'm only kidding.....honest!! Tee Hee!!)

I cant wait for the concert on the 23rd of this month, I am so excited its untrue!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
Hello again Jennifer........I think the CD was a sweet thank you from Michael for looking out for Taryn at the concert :) Like you thanks needed!!

Have fun on the 23rd.....Robin's concert is coming right up :) Yippee for you ladies!!!!


KAthy and LAFD Bob
I agree with Gail, Jennifer and Kathy!!! I have been to so many over the years, concerts and other events and never have witnessed Michael as being arrogant or saying he did not want standing etc as stated by LByers!! Just talked with Michael a couple of nites ago, could not have been a nicer, considerate man and that was after the concert and I am sure he was already tired, but took a few minutes with us anyway and did not seem bothered at all!!.... Alot of time it is the venue that has some of these controls and they are in place for your safety!! As far as the bar is concerned, a few years back I went to a concert and the bar was along the side wall of the venue and they had stools that people could drink during the concert!! After Michael started singing, these people got louder and louder as if it was a party they were at, not a concert, it was not loud as enjoying the music kind of loud one point Michael just about stopped and waited for them to calm down some and made some comments about them having a good time over at the bar..that made security go over and get them to quiet down some...It was really rude of them at the bar, I was at the concert to enjoy Michael and the music, not to get drunk!!!! I wished they would have closed it after that!!! but they didn't and best I remember they ask the people to take their seats away from the bar after that, which I was glad! The one in Nashville was an actual bar that he played, and they had waitresses the whole time taking food and drink orders!! VERY distracting!! and could not stand much as we were at tables and they were really close together. We finally convinced them to let us stand after he was not able to come out in the middle..even that, he could not come out in the middle since security could not get him through the tables safely!! and that was a bummer!!! but we all understood, we want our Michael to be safe for all of us!!!!!
As far as standing, I have been to several in the last couple of weeks and that is ALL venue's decision, not Michael!!! I don't like anyone to talk negative about Michael either, so just remember, usually anything that happens is almost all the venue's decision! I hope you will try another concert in the future and enjoy his music!
well im totally in favor of the bars being closed while michael is playing i went to a simler concert in holland where the bar was open through the concert and all you could here is people talking and shouting and that was over top michael playing it spoiled the hole night and that is what everyone pays for is to go and see michael not listen to people chatting and shouting all night ,by all means have a drink before you go in but if you need to drink all night go to the pub not a concert and that is just my opinon
I agree with all of you.. Most times it's not Michael's decision as far as closing the bar if there is one at a venue. I don't want some drunk person messing up things for all of us.. Totally agree. And MB has ALWAYS been kind and sweet all the times I've seen him with fans and on stage..Good luck and I hope you go to another show and enjoy it w/o any people wanting alcohol messing up the fun for everyone, including Michael!!!.
Well said posts everyone!
Robin :)
Neat story Kathy!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Robin :)


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