SO VERY DISAPPOINTED!!  His voice still sounded great, but we were not allowed to STAND UP and enjoy the music.  Also he made Winstar close the bar when the concert started because he did not want anyone to get up!!!  This is a small venue that holds about 2500 people.  It is my understanding that only 900 tickets were sold. 

He seemed to have an arrogant attitude in his performance.  I regret spending money on the tickets.

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Hi Robin....I have so many wonderful stories and I tend to forget them with all the many years passing and converging on my memories. It is fun remembering them as I wrote about them. They definitely come back to life as I write about them. FUN!!!

Whoa....2 more days for you! :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Thanks, Kathy! I totally agree. I honestly did not notice that the bar was closed, and I did stand up several times at the show, but just did not remain standing too long so as not to block the people behind me....timing is everything! hehe...and if others around me were standing, I stood too! Having been a frequent concert goer for many years, I have attended many shows at casinos, often with drunks in attendance, distracting the artist and the audience, so I appreciate it when alcohol is limited or not allowed during a concert.

I've seen Michael perform dozens of times over the years and have never seen him appear 'arrogant'...I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder?

I had a great time at the concert. If I could have changed anything, it would have been to be surrounded by Bolton Buddies (I went alone) and to have a bit more enthusiasm ( I can't sit still at a concert...always clapping and singing along, etc)...Michael did encourage everyone to be noisy! Oh I would have loved to go up near the stage those last few songs, like I used to do...but that chance could come again at another concert, hopefully! I'm really not much for taking photos at concerts anymore...was never very good at it, but it's always nice to capture a moment! I am grateful to those who do take and share their wonderful photos...Michael is still an excellent subject for the camera!

I loved the Thackerville show!

love y'all,
Hi long as you keep attending Michael's concerts you will definitely get to the stage. Out of the 5 I attended this tour only one didn't allow going up to the stage. But actually the front row was VERY close to the stage and I was in the front row so I chair danced all

Kathy and LAFD Bob
Hya Christine,
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You have to make this change on every thread.

Also go upto the very top right hand of the whole page and click on your name.

Then scroll down to settings on the right.
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Then choose which email notifications you want to recieve. I have mine set as (from top to bottom)-
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Over in off topic there is a thread with detailed help topics on how to use this forum.

I hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XX
Hey Yall,
I have been to concerts lately where "booze" was sold. It is very distracting. Yall have forgotten one thing. After the so called fan gets totally drunk, then the bathroom trips start. Very distracting. I can understand even if Michael was the one that requested no alcohol. At Tunica, he even asked this one lady to sit down. He did it laughing but she was up quite a bit.

The standing up is another issue. I love to stand up but I am 5'10" without my heels on. I normally ask the people behind me if they plan to stand up. If not I try to stand as little as possible. It is just so hard to not stand up and dance. One of my pet peeves is the concert goers who are not fans of Michael. I suspect that they are comp tickets. They do everything from eating popcorn, drinking drinks, asking me to quit clapping etc. I want to tell them so bad that a Michael Bolton Concert is not a trip to the movies or to a band recital. It is a CONCERT. and I plan to have lots of fun.
Hi and welcome L Byres

The one and only Michael Bolton concert I have been too (I live in Australia ) was brillant and so well organized
Okay I got in trouble to start with I got up and went to the front to take a picture and was told very nicely not to leave my seat by one of the security people there.
We were not allowed to stand I think that's pretty fair really for the people who have also paid to see Michael perform
I agree it is very hard to dance,clap and try and take picture's whilst one is seated LOL!!!!

I gave up on the pictures real early I just wanted to enjoy the show which I couldn't have enjoyed anymore than I did like I said Brillant!

I think it went very well, Water was the only thing allowed in the statium, no drunks, nobody gave anybody any troubles that I could see and when we went to the front we were all just polite to each other no pushing or shoving

You see I believe it's ok to drink (my husband and I however do not) but it is very disturbing for others if people have no control over their drinking, they usually become loud and rude and have NO respect for anybody else so I think it's just wonderful to be able to go to a concert and just enjoy it without the idiots who can hardly stand up!

To have people continually have to pass you is very annoying also and Alison you are right then they need the potty trips :) it never ends!

Celine Dion's concert over here was the same no Alchol just water was allowed in the stadium!

All the best
L. Byers,
Sorry to hear, you regret spending money to see Michael.
As for the bar closing, that is the venue's option. All the times I have been to see him, only once was I dissapointed that a female fan was yelling to him things, that I thought were personal and offensive to the audience as well as Michael and his fans, I asked Michael if he wanted me to kick her a.. but he smiled and shook his head no. After the concert, I made sure to approach her, and told her that she was infact very rude, and she was lucky that others including myself didn't take it into our own hands...
As far as Alcohol, I think everyone should drink responsibly and those that don't, have to go!

Hello Jennifer Steadman,
None of this directed to you personally, I sense you have connection that I do not.

Actually my "proof" that the directive about the bar be closed came from Michael Bolton himself is that my daughter's friend was the bartender. She drove 40 minutes to go to work, only to find out that Mr. Bolton told them that the bar would be closed during the performance. She worked about 30 minutes before being sent home. I think he should have informed Winstar of his rules prior so that they could inform their guests in advance before paying the ticket price. Another employee shared a few other items that I will not disclose.

I also understand how distracting it is for people to walk up and down the isle during the performance and WE WERE DISTRACTED AT THIS CONCERT by the staff going down the isles asking people to put their phone away and to sit down. At all my visits to Winstar, I have never been disrupted by someone that appears to be "drunk" or as much as we were by the staff that evening.

It is a concert people! Not a symphany!
Hello L.Byers.....once again...the phone filming and camera use is the venues call. I have been stopped and told not to take photos. I KNOW that isn't Michael's rule because he stops and poses for his fans and even asks if you got the picture ok. Sorry that your friend drove 40 minutes to work. Most of us drive a minimum of an hour to see Michael's concerts. In addition...paying for the ticket has NO correlation to alcohol being served. We are not gambling....we are at a concert! You are VERY lucky to have not been bothered by an intoxicated person at a concert. I wish I was that lucky! I guess if you have to choose between alcohol or Michael singing.....I WILL TAKE MICHAEL'S SINGING ANYDAY. My guess is you would choose differently. We all have choices. Thank goodness for that!!

I am glad you said it was a are right....not a party, not a gambling table or slot machine site or free for all.

Hopefully you can attend a concert in the future and it MIGHT be possible that the bar will be closed..... so plan accordingly :)
Kathy and LAFD Bob
I am cant help thinking that this was not of Michaels doing, or Michaels 'rules' but if it was, good on him!!

I wonder if he's had problems at this venue in the past or heard of problems from other artists? Whatever the reason, in my oppinion, it would have been the best decision all round to ensure the enjoyment of everyone attending.

I'm sorry that your friend had to travel a 40 minute journey and then just work for 30 minutes, but hey, she could have stayed to enjoy a free concert from Michael so to me that would be a real bonus! Ha Ha!! I hope she still got paid?

I'm not sure what you mean about 'another employee shared a few other items that you wont disclose' but out of all the venues that I've attended over the 20+ years that I've been a fan of Michael, not one has allowed any alcohol or indeed any drinks of any nature, anywhere near the stage.

I believe the reasons for this is two fold. 1/ because people tend to get louder and more disruptive the more they drink whether this is intentional or otherwise and 2/ The glasses/ bottles etc can be used as misiles and are usually left behind littering the floor thus presenting a fire hazard and littering etc..

The fact that you were distracted by staff going to and fro to ask people to put phones and cameras away etc, imagine what an annoyance it would have been if that figure was doubled by people go back and forth to the bar for more alcohol? I knw you say you have never bee ntroubled by a drunk person, but theres always that risk isnt there?

If people cant go without alcohol for a two hour period during a concert, then I feel really sorry for them and would point them in the direction of the Alcoholics Anonymous.

Irrespective of whether it is a concert or a symphony, the artist should be awarded the same respect and if they wish that no alcohol be served during their performance, then in my oppinion, thats their perrogative and their right.

I am truly am genuinly sorry, that your Michael concert experience wasnt how you expected it to be and would implore you to try and attend another concert. I'm sure you wont be dissappointed.

I want everyone to come away from a Michael Bolton concert feeling the same way as I high as a kite, with a huge smile on my face and very very happy!!
I agree Jennifer,
Even a bad experience at a venue is forgotten when you hear Michael sing. That is why we go. Not the drinks, not the gambling, not the cafes just Michael and my friends. When we were in Biloxi, the computers had been down. As I have mentioned we were "double booked" and had to change seats three times. I was harassed by a very boring person in the row in front of me. But in my book and my daughters' minds it was a wonderful concert. A great experience. They both got to shake Michael's hand. We got to hear him sing our favorite songs. My daughters sung along. It was great. The venue was not perfect. The people around me were not perfect but we left there smiling, laughing, and it is a trip that I will always treasure. People should enjoy Michael's music or stay at home and let those of us who really enjoy his music have a great time.

Gotta quit preaching.
Hi Allison,
I like what you have said, but I want to add this;
No Artist wants their fans dissapointed. They are striving for excellence.
If their own achievement in doing so, means containing the audience in a way
deemable that they should keep it in check, by not allowing alcohol, then so be it. For there own protection...



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