Hi there,

I must share my frustration!

It is the second time, that I was incredibly looking forward to a concert - Düsseldorf a couple of years ago and now Mainz - and now must face reality: no concert for me ahead!
Why, what have I done? Is it personally? Hm, that's not possible....Well, I know I should not dramatize it, but ...oooh :-((((.

Sad greetings from Germany


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Hello Silvy,

you are right! But I will be "Back on my feet again" :).

Warm greetings from Germany to Switzerland

Hi Astrid,

I'm very frustrating too. I was so happy when I got the ticket 2 weeks ago - one of my friends gave it to me as a present. And now, the concert is canceled. What happened?

Fortunately he was in Berlin in January and he will come to Dresden in December - so I have to wait only 6 month until the next concert - if it will not be canceled too.

Maybe you can go to the concert in Düseldorf in December - it will be a date to look forward to.

Love Manu from Germany
Hello Manu,

good thinking! If you read my reply to Robin and Gloria - I hope it has finally worked - than you will know that this was my way to deal with it.
I got a mail to send my ticket back, so that I will have at least have no financial loss. What do you do with your tickets?

Gute Nacht aus NRW

Hallo Christine,

wahrscheinlich geht es nicht nur mir so, obwohl ich sagen muss, dass mein Mann bis jetzt zu 3 Konzerten mit war und es auch immer toll fand. Er wird mit dem Fotoapparat ausgestattet. So habe ich meine Hände frei und er ist auch beschäftigt. Im Dezember in Dresden wird er auch dabei sein.

Wahrscheinlich wurden in Mainz zu wenig Tickets verkauft - warum sollte sonst ein Konzert so langfristig abgesagt werden. Schade, denn er ist ein so super Sänger und live einfach erste Sahne.

Viel Spaß im Urlaub

Hallo Christine,

da hat es dich ja noch schlimmer erwischt, weil ich abends/nachts wieder nach Hause fahren wollte. Im Dezember bin ich dann in Düsseldorf,- ich hoffe Michael auch ! - aber es ist noch sooooo lange hin ...

Leider habe ich keine Ahnung für den Grund der Absage (vielleicht zu wenig Tickets verkauft? .... als ich meines letzten Monat bestellte, war allerdings schon die Hälfte der Tickets weg). Von den Anderen habe ich gelesen, dass niemals ein Grund für eine Absage genannt wurde).

Übrigens: Männer .... :-). Es gibt halt solche und solche :-).

Liebe Grüße

Eben, der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein.

Einen erholsamen Urlaub wünscht Dir

Im sorry to hear no concert in Germany for you,
Bigger concern is why? Is Michael ok?
Where is Gail? She would know why the cancellation...
He has been performing a lot of shows, back to back, and I know that sometimes the voice can only be heard if able...
Hopefully whatever the reason, you will catch another show...
Sorry for your dissapointment, it has happened to others of us here as well.

Hallo German fans- girls
ja, the other big problem is when you book hotel, flight, or train and then the concert is cancelled.
Versucht positiv zu bleiben!
schöne Grüsse

Silvy from CH
Hello Silvy (from CH),

yes, you are right, the other problem is when you book hotel, flight and the concert is cancelled. That happened to me last year when the concert in Vienna has been postponed from November 2009 to Januar 2010. Flight ticket was definitely lost !!!

Now, when the concert in Munich was cancelled, I sent my ticket back to the promoter hoping to get my money back. As I live in Munich, I thought it would be great to meet him here in my home town. But he will not come!

I have already booked hotel + tickets for his concerts in Stuttgart, Nürnberg and London (incl. flight) this year and hope to see him.

Best regards,
Ivana from Munich
Hello Kellie,

up to now there is no information why the concert has been cancelled. And because of the replies above I really don't expect further information.
I have never been in contact to Gail and absolutely know nothing about what she is doing. I guess I suffer from a complete lack of background information :-))).
Since Michael continues his tour, probably he is doing well. At least that is my heartfelt wish for him - and us as well.

Best wishes from Germany

I'm here off an on. I don't know why this was cancelled but if I hear will definitely pass it on. My mother is having a hard time right now and had emergency surgery so trying to be with her so my time online isn't what it usually is but trying to check in when I can. Gail
Hi Gail,

thank you so much for your efforts, but please don't take care too much. The needs of your mother are so much more important - and take care of yourself.

Best wishes for your mother's health



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