finally the confession.....for those who knows michael's expressions.

This says everything according to me.

go on youtube and click michaelbolton rai1.avi

after he sings silent night he talks with the host and.....u can hear and see he is in love.

I've been out of contact for some private problems.

hope everybody is ok and can't wait to buy gems

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Hi Mike,


Great to hear from you again and I do hope any problems that you had are well in the past and that life is treating you well ! :)

Thanks too for the link for I haven't watched that video for a while and it is a beautiful one and as you say Michael's expression is one of love but I believe we see that often for I am sure it comes from his deep rooted love of music and his love of life.

Glad too that you are looking forward to the release of "Gems" - it certainly sounds, by all the information Michael has shared with us, that it is truly going to be a gem ! :)   Can't wait to hear it all but, for me, "Fields of Gold" will be the first track I listen to.   Hope you have managed to pre-order your copy which you can do on the web site here because I notice you do say "to buy" or do you want to do that - actually go into a store and pick it up rather than through the faceless medium of the internet  ?   Why don't you consider coming into the thread that we have on the release of the new CD and join in our discussions there and it is also a great way to keep up-to-date with all the information that we keep receiving either from Admin. or Michael himself !!

Take care Mike and, as I say, good to hear from you again !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.  


I think we should refrain from commenting on MBs private's exactly that ,private .

I agree with you both Juliet and Sharon. Michael's private life is just that private. His last interview that was a few week ago he state that he is very much single. Like Sharon said, we should just leave it alone as it is Michael's PRIVATE life!!!


what about the interview in london at BBC,the italian woman is standing behind him if youlook at the pictures.he protects her from paparazzi.then they are spotted walking in london holding hands and kissing at the airport......

I believe that women are so beautiful and precious that it is impossible to live without I find it strange that someone like Michael would want to stay single and writing beautiful words....

life is nothing without love and him like everybody deserves a decent woman.he gives us a lot,he need to find someone who gives him a lot too.


You need to let this go!

Hi Mike,


I agree entirely with you for Michael certainly does deserve a good and decent woman to stand by his side and I am sure, one day, he will find her !


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Michael's private life is none of our business. It is just that his private life we all love and respect him that is for sure he himself has said just last week that he has not the time for a relationship right now. Having that said I believe him. I do hope one day he finds a great woman that treats him well. Again, it is his private life. Why go on about it. Out of respect for Michael I really think you should let this go!
Here, here Juliet!! Cheers!! :)
Yes I hope too...... I will wait...:)))) in the airport! LOL

What?? Mike you are spouting utter rubbish!! I protected an old man in the street last week from another man rushing by, but I am not having an affair with him and dont you dare try and tell anyone I am becasue I will only deny it vehemently!! Mr Holland is nothing more than an old friend and thats what I will tell his wife!!


Seriously Mike, do the decent hing and stop speculating and trying to stir up rubbish gossip.


And even more seriosuly, Michael is dating, but he is dating me!! Everyone on here knows it, so leave out trying to split us up!!


Leave Michaels private life exactly as it should be......PRIVATE!!!!! Go and get yourself a life man!!!


Grrrrrrr!!!! This makes me sooooooooooo angry!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even be bothered to sing my name!!!

You said it all Jen! Love, Shannon xx

Well said!


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