finally the confession.....for those who knows michael's expressions.

This says everything according to me.

go on youtube and click michaelbolton rai1.avi

after he sings silent night he talks with the host and.....u can hear and see he is in love.

I've been out of contact for some private problems.

hope everybody is ok and can't wait to buy gems

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Where are these so called pictures?

I seen this thread last night and thought (like I do) I'd pop in and see what it was about

When I read who started the thread and what the thread was about I decided to NOT BOTHER replying because I think the only time you come here Mike Rodmire is to try and stir trouble about which NONE of us have any buisness knowing until Michael Bolton wishes to go public!

So if we ignore these types of thread People WE are much better off :)

Sorry to burst your bubble Mike but I think you would have more constructive things in which we can talk about it doesn't always have to be about Mr.B's Love life which really none of us know about and most of us respect Mr.B enough to leave it alone :)

I don't know about all of the people on this forum But I joined my first MB forum in 2000 for the love of Mr.B's Music and the fact that he is a generous and kind man who healps out Women in need and had started he's own Charity to help those in need!


BTW hope your PRIVATE PROMBLEM'S are sorted out as well

Have a nice day


I couldnt have put it better myself Dianne, well done.


Love Jennifer XX

I was in the delphi forum I still pop over there just to see if anybody is Looking for MB

You know it's still there :) LOL!

Love Dianna xxx

Is it Dianna, WOW, I was on there years ago too!!!  Totally agree with your posts above, well said..

Robin in MD :)

Oooh, Dianna,


I dont suppose you have the link to the old site do you,  I'd love to swing by anbd have a look at it please. Just for old times sake.


Goodness, I wonder if there are fans there who havent found this place yet?


Love Jennifer XX

hope this works :)


Have fun

Dianna xxx

You said it all Dianna! Love, Shannon xx

Shannon, Diana, Juliet,Sharon and Jennifer,  I agree with all of you! This guy Mike really needs to let it go!!!  Maybe some for you personal problems comes from you obsession with Michael!! You really need to leave it alone.  Michael is honest with us his fans.  Last week there was an article about being single and how busy he is right now with no time for a girlfriend! I hope someday he finds true love of all people he deserves that!  In the meantime you really need to drop this and find a new obsession like maybe paying  attention to your wife and let Michael alone.


By Mike













 need to do something with your free time....find yourself a hobby, go out and meet people (va prendere un cappucino a un bar e' va trovare nuovi amici), make some vacation plans, etc....  Stop wasting your time coming here just to talk about Michael's love life.  We come here to talk about Michael as a musician, an artist, a nice guy and a human being.  Whenever Michael meets the right woman, he'll make the annoucement when he wants to.  You are not is agent or know Michael personally, and you are in no postion to talk about his personal life.  Ho Capisco?  Basta con questa storia, di la vita privata di Michael...ok?!?!?





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