If anyone has Jennifers mobile number can they text her and ask her to check her messages please.




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Im sure she will be around later this evening Carol.Dont worry .xx
Hello people, I'm here.

Hya Carol, I sent you a text darling, didnt you recieve it?

I'll send you another text. I hope you get this one ok. I wondered if I'd made a mistake with your number, but I've added you to my phone now.
Let me check your message with your mobile number and Ill text you again.

Everything re tickets, is fine though Carol. I'll be at the ticket office as soon as the venue opens. Sometimes the passes and tickets dont come round from the MB team until about 7pm. XXXX
Love Jennifer XXXX

Ps Juliets right though, wont get any sense out of me til wednesday evening!! Ha Ha!!


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