I was wondering if anybody knows who covered Michael Bolton's "A Time For Letting Go"?  It sounds almost like a country/slow rock version of his song.  I heard it in a bar in a few years ago and I loved that version, but I can't find it anywhere, not on iTunes, not on youtube, not anywhere ...



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I really don't know. But that's a good reason to try to find it!



Hi Andre,

I looked it up and really didn't find anything online.  Billy Ray Cyrus and someone named Jude Cole have songs on YouTube with the same name, but they are not the same song.  Sorry I couldn't help much, maybe someone else knows.


Hi Andre and WELCOME to the forum and thanks ever so much for posing such a FIRST question....NOT;  for have no idea on the answer but will get to work on it for as Florin says a "good reason to try to find it !!"   Hope you don't have anymore like that up your sleeve, Andre !!!!! lol   

Hey, Sylvie the Solver, where are you ???????????? LOL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Andre and welcome to the forum. Well, I did a little research and this is what I came up with:

Our Time for Letting Go by Keola Beamer and Raiatea (May 4, 2010)

Karylle - Time for Letting Go (Philippine Music)

Time for Letting Go by Shane Walsh (Jun 1, 2009)

Time for Letting Go by The Jack (May 6, 2008)

Time for Letting Go by Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel (Mar 1, 2012)

Time for Letting Go by Wil Hodge (Mar 24, 2009)

Time for Letting Go by Angela Reign (Aug 20, 2011)

None of these have audio samples nor can be found on YouTube. I did find this one on YouTube, with no description of the artist. It’s not Michael’s song, but funny enough, after the song is done, you hear an instrumental version of “How can we be lovers”:


I thought that was interesting. :D Notice that none of those say “A time...” in the title.  Andre, I have a feeling that since you’ve heard it in a bar, chances are it might have been covered by a local cover band, even if it wasn’t a live band, it could have been a band trying to promote their sound on CD. I know nothing. Florin is usually the expert about songwriting so hopefully, if it’s out there, he’ll find it. I once heard a Spanish version of “Go the distance” in a restaurant. Anyway, good luck finding it Andre, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

P.S.: Sylvia, thanks for your faith in me! lol

I am totally lost on it for I have looked through plenty of stuff but even in the official internet page which shows cover versions there are only, according to that, five that have been done and a ATFLG isn't one.   I even checked through albums of some of the people who sang some of his original songs like Eric Carmen and Gary Morris and some others but couldn't spot that one.   Do want to ask you Andre if you could narrow it down slightly for, although presuming it is a man we are looking for, it wasn't a woman by any chance, because you don't actually say ???   For I thought of Jennifer Rush because could her going for a song like that but nothing and then can hear too Barbra singing that or even Dusty...haven't checked their songs yet but believe though too you would have remembered if it was one of them....pretty distinctive voices.  Only other thing I wondered was if it was perhaps one of the younger, newer artists like some that have won some of the music competitions like American Idol or X-Factor or something like that and if you just heard it last year maybe it was from some new album of one of theirs;  I could hear Fiona Lewis singing something like that but again that is a woman and I'm thinking you meant a man but that is all I can come up with...sorry !!! :(


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello again everybody,

Thanks so much for all your responses and your efforts in trying to locate that song.  I can tell you are committed Michael Bolton fans!

To give you a little more backgroun, it wasn't a live band. It was a recorded song that was played through the bar's audio system.  I remember it was a man and a woman singing the song together. That must have been back in April or May 2009.  The reason why I remember this song so well after such a long time is that I went through exactly what the lyrics in ATLG talk about ... sniff, sniff ... and the song came up and almost knocked me off my chair.  I felt understood. I didn't even know it was originally a Michael Bolton song until I looked for it after the fact.  Whoever came up with these lyrics has one heck of a talent to put things into words that are very difficult to express. Add to that I am more of a country music/rock music fan (and not necessarily a Michael Bolton fan - no offense) and you have a mix of a rare song that just sticks with you.

Anyway, I heard the song in a bar called Hard Times Cafe in Germantown, Maryland. I think my next step will be to try contact Hard Times Cafe and see if they can help out. Probably a long shot, but worth a try.

Thanks again for all your replies and efforts.


Hey Andre, break a leg finding your version and please report back if you do. BTW, just for the heck of it, if you pick up a copy of "the one thing" which ATFLG is on, you'd find plenty more poignant songs. :D Michael has sung and written songs that span over many genres throughout his career: from R&B in the 70's to rock in the 80's, pop, standards and even opera. I doubt it, but if you ever care to explore that, give us a shout. Take care Andre and again: good luck! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada 

Andre, Michael Bolton and Diane Warren wrote the song you are talking about.  Not sure either who did the remake in 2009 though.


Now when you said it was a duet, something came up into my mind. What if you mistaken the song and it's about From Now On, originally recorded by Michael with Suzie Benson and remade 2 years later by Lee Greenwood and Lacy J. Dalton on his album A Perfect 10? A sample can be heard here


Quite possible Florin and below is link into Michael and Suzie Benson singing "From Now On" and that comes from MB's "Soul Provider" album Andre and was written by Michael and E. Kaz.   



I am wondering though if possibly you are getting songs mixed up Andre and are maybe thinking of "Time For Letting Go" ......have you listened to links above for that ???   Below is link into Michael singing "A Time For Letting Go" so maybe you could let us know if it is definitely this song you heard because I am not going to stop thinking about and looking for ......will only do in spare moments but hate to be beaten by something like that so will keep it alive and for goodness sake Andre, if you do find it ....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back in here and let us know - okay ??????? :)



Good luck !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



Hello again,

Wow!! I didn't realize what I started with my original question ... I really got you guys going here :-)  I hope I am not causing anybody to have sleepless nights now. That would make me feel bad.  Again, thanks so much for trying to figure this out.  And I swear I am not crazy!  Well, at least not yet ...

To answer your questions, it was definitely the ATFLG song, and not another song.  I specifically remember sitting there at the bar with a beer or three in my hand, and there it was, out of the blue, right through the sound system:  "Sometimes you find out what you wanted, isn't really what you need. And the dream in all its promise, was never meant to be ..."  Word like that, you just don't forget so easily.

In the meantime, I contacted Hard Times Cafe in Maryland. They don't know off hand, of course (it's been 4 years) but they promised me to look for it.  We'll see if that actually happens.  And if they find it, I will definitely come back here and resolve the mystery for you all, or for "y'all", as they say down here.

Thanks again for all your responses. Frankly, I'm blown away by all your efforts trying to figure this out for me.

It may, as someone suggested, just be a local band that recorded the song, but even then, you'd think there would be some record somewhere for the proper copyright license and what not, especially in a sophisticated restaurant chain like Hard Times Cafe.  Oh well.

Have a great Sunday,


Hi again Andre, don’t worry about us: we’re a bunch of dedicated fans and some of us, including me,  think we know everything there is to know about Michael and his “product”, so if someone throws us a curve ball, challenging that, it doesn’t necessarily sit well... XD I was pretty sure you were precise about the title, because “From now on” doesn’t exactly have the same theme... We really appreciate you wanting to keep us posted on it. In any case, I for one am really glad that one of Michael’s songs gave you validation when you needed it and hopefully helped you somehow. Take good care of yourself Andre and we’ll look forward to reading you again. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada


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